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CORE ISSUE Elimination Consultations

Clean out self defeating programs and scenarios that plague you 

This powerful technique is facilitated in person, by telephone or Skype

  • Do you have to catch yourself going down a negative track in criticizing yourself, maybe blaming others or having a pessimistic view of situations or people in your life?
  • Do you find that even though you have done quite a bit of personal/spiritual development you still feel stuck?
  • Are certain areas in your life not coming together as easily as you would like?

You are what you think…What you believe is your life! These issues can have a lot to do with your deep sub-conscious and unconscious beliefs, karmic contracts, programming and energy imbalances. This quantum physics technology accesses the bottom-line core belief that over-shadows you and keeps tripping you up no matter what other inner work you may or may not have done. If these debilitating programs continue their rampage they can sabotage you with confusion, uncertainty and over-thinking. This takes up lots of head-space and energy which ultimately prevents you attracting and creating what you truly desire. Instead you seem to live in a place of un-fulfillment or lack as a natural occurrence in your everyday life.

This unique revolutionary technique known as CORE ISSUE ELIMINATION, Sabotage Clearing Technique facilitates you -
  • At an elevated level of consciousness that you would not have had access to previously
  • You methodically access, facilitate and work with your energetic hologram for deep insight and transformation
  • You can discover the missing pieces of the puzzle regarding why certain things keep happening so they are understood and cleared for profound realization which further shifts your mindset for higher awareness
  • The old limited structures you have been living through are removed once and for all
  • A new elevated infrastructure of awareness is built and stabilized
  • Live powerfully aligned with your true self from that point on   For Enquiries or to book an appointment click here or Call 0409 140 173


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