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SIGNATURE SUCCESS Blueprint Consultations

With razor sharp accuracy uncover breakthrough solutions and access your "Signature Success Blueprint"  for

- Lifestyle

- Health

- Relationships (personal and professional)

- Career & Business

- Wealth 

This in-depth consultation covers every aspect of your life and the format is set up for you to accurately access the right answers and bests solution suited to you personally so you can move forward with more insight and certainty.

No more wasting valuable time rehashing your “stuff”.  When you keep processing and regurgitating the limited “stories” and “perceptions” in your mind confusion sets in and you are actually focusing on the problem not the solution.

The SIGNATURE SUCCESS Blueprint Consultations are specially tailored for you to make the necessary shifts to live your full potential and to create the life you aspire too to ensure you experience greater success and well being.

These Consultations are a comprehensive "Life Health Check".  This dynamic and profoundly effective process cuts through to immediately reveal what the core blocks are for you in all areas of your life, plus the ideal steps to resolve the specific blockages or self-sabotage.  

PLUS you will ascertain which priority Mastery Essence(s) will be the perfect tool for you to use after the session to ensure continous transformation for the assured desired outcome to take place  (this is valued at $96.96 and included in price of session).


There are 39 cards that correlate with 39 formulations. The process accurately reveals a person’s “Signature Success Blueprint” which involves their individual limitations, strengths and where to start and follow-through long term.

By using the personally chosen “Priority Mastery Essence(s)” (which work in harmony with you) during and after the session you can attain an elevated level of awareness and transformation for optimum long term results.

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These consultations can be conducted by phone, on skype or in person if need be.


Types of Consultations Available -

"In-Person" - when the recipient and the facilitator sit together at the same location

“Surrogate Consultation” - this when another person sits-in for the receipent of the reading;

When the focus of the consultation is business related- A CEO or business owner can have their 2 IC, Business Partner or Assistant available to access the information (the information can be recorded)

When the focus of the consultatoin is personally related  - A parent, family member or friend can be available for a small child, baby, elderly or the unwell 

“Long Distant Consultation”- when the recipient is not physically with the facilitator in the same location and it is conducted via phone or skype

The following areas that are covered for a life changing indepth assessment and insight are - 



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