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AAE Story & CEO/Founder's Bio

About AUSTRALIAN Aromatic Essences

This Missing link for your well being and personal growth journey

AAE’s Story & Vision

Founder’s Bio


They have evolved and grown over many years from more than just a driving ambition to be a successful business...

AUSTRALIAN Aromatic Essences (AAE) exceptional products and services were conceived out of a deep desire to open humanity’s heart. As they came to fruition over a number of years the powerful INNER INSIGHT Mastery (IIM) processes were also birthed. The founder Christine M Long appreciates humanity is undergoing a new found level of consciousness which fosters a heart-centred awareness, where people live this naturally in their daily lives on a global scale.

AAE’s journey began in 1989 and they are an Australian owned family business that creates the highest quality, unique advanced wellbeing and personal development products and services in the market place today.

Their product’s concept, philosophy and energy technology have been before their time and have broken through many barriers to be birthed and made available at this important period of our history globally. The steady growth of AUSTRALIAN Aromatic Essences has led to a solid foundation and strong infrastructure while ensuring their integrity is not compromised.

AAE's and IIM's valued client community has steadily grown over the last decade. They are now well positioned to support and service the growing demand for their products and services.

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Christine M Long - the Founder shares...

My unique methodologies and formulas were miraculously birthed.  After a life changing Spiritual awakening, my inner guidance revealed empowering transformational technologies to me.  There were periods when I had no idea how this information fitted together or what was going to happen next.” 

“Over a number of years these products and services have evolved, developed and manifested into what they are today.  This new, expansive ‘heart centred’ paradigm in humanity’s evolution, makes it perfect timing for these effective tools and techniques to be even more relevant and important.  Each product, technique and service can be used separately or they complement and harmonises with the other for remarkable results.”

I invite you to experience first-hand these simple yet powerfully effective tools. They are easy and enjoyable to use and will support, enhance and transform your wellbeing and personal growth relevant to what you uniquely need”


A little bit about Christine...

Based in Melbourne, Australia, Christine is passionately interested in the Mind-Body-Soul relationship and committed to an integrated approach for both human health and personal development.

For over 20 years she has been integrating her natural gifts, formal training and experience to provide solutions for client’s problems. Christine achieves breakthrough results. She is intuitive, nurturing and influential, in relieving blockages and pain, for the body, mind, spirit and at an organizational level. In following through with this vision, it took courage and immense dedication to fulfil this genuine passion and to transform this idea into affordable, yet powerfully effective answers, solutions and tools for those who are drawn to ‘Be all they are’ and who wish to live with empowerment, authenticity, greater awareness and self-mastery.

In addition to AUSTRALIAN Aromatic Essences, Christine is an Accredited Work Place trainer, founder and facilitator of other modalities including INNER INSIGHT Mastery Facilitator trainings that provide razor sharp accuracy. The trainings and services are conducted on-line and in person. To discover more about the trainings please click here.
She is also the creator of the CORE ISSUE Elimination technique which is based on quantum science technology that clears self-sabotage by eliminating the bottom-line limited core beliefs and complex web of all related issues. Complete resolution is often achieved in one consultation. Sessions are available via telephone, Skype, webinars and In-person. 

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Christine is qualified in –

  • Master Clinical Hypnotherapy
  • Master Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)
  • Master Time Line Therapy
  • Diploma in Aromatherapy
  • Accredited Neuro-Structural Integration Technique (Bowen Therapy)
  • Nutritional Support
  • Cranial Polarity Balance Therapy
  • Certified in Natural Fertility Management
  • Certificate IV Qualified Work Place Trainer

Christine’s other professional achievements are –

Founder of:

  • AUSTRALIAN Aromatic Essences
  • CORE ISSUE Elimination Technique
  • INNER INSIGHT Mastery Readings, Consultations and Workshops

Co-Author of:

  • #1 Best Selling Co-Author – ALIGN EXPAND SUCCEED, Shifting the Paradigm of Entrepreneurial Success

Christine’s personal Journey...

Christine’s rich life experience has enabled her to not just be a “text book therapist” (even though she has studied extensively). At times seeming like an obstacle course, she has experienced severe health issues, financial hardship, life threatening experiences, dysfunctional and violent family and relationship problems in her life. Driven to seek out what really worked and what was ‘just shuffling papers’, Christine has embraced years of study and transformational work with lots of self-reflection and realisation to know first-hand what is essential to feel and be fulfilled within oneself.

Christine explains...

I am committed to designing revolutionary multi-faceted products and services for my valued community so they reap the many rewards this brings.

"Wether the products are for -

  • An integral part of people’s everyday life
  • The conscious entrepreneur or aware corporate sector executive
  • The alternative wellness and personal growth community 

I am passionate about these premium products making a profound difference to those who desire to make a positive impact within themselves, those around them and in their life generally.

It would be great for you to join me so you too can 'feel the difference' and 'make a difference' in your life and with those you love and care about. 

I genuinely want to encourage you to seize this opportunity and take advantage of these innovative DIY personal growth tools."

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Christine says...

“I always feel very honoured to be part of a person’s transformation process.”

My innate gifts and talents I was blessed with complemented with the formal training I have undertaken, along with my varied life experience has enabled me to facilitate people with accurate precision where breakthroughs are a common occurrence.”

AUSTRALIAN Aromatic Essences 

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We are dedicated to staying up-to-date with what your needs and wants are and continually hone and update our skills, knowledge base, products and services.

Visit us regularly and support your personal quest by being informed and inspired to receive the very best of what is on offer so you create, attract and live an easier more meaningful and fulfilling life.

We encourage your feedback and suggestions to ensure we continue to provide exactly what you want to make your life better. Contact me

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Warning: Avoid applying directly onto skin, contact with eyes and when pregnant. Do not use the product if you are allergic to pure essential oils. Not to be taken internally. Keep out of reach of children.

Disclaimer: Formulations do not diagnose, treat or cure disease and are not a substitute for medical treatment

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