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Uncover and exude your magnetic “X Factor” that is so elusive or often suppressed due to being swamped with daily challenges, expectations and responsibilities.


For real lasting results within your psycho-physical make-up and general wellbeing it’s essential that you understand and appreciate you are more than just a physical body; you need to access and take care of the “WHOLE YOU”. 

Quantum Science recognizes we are made up of various energy frequencies not just physical matter and when your energy matrix/electromagnetic fields are blocked or out of balance, it can have a huge impact on your how you look and feel; take care of yourself; interact and respond in the world.

AUSTRALIAN Aromatic Essences provides a simple yet powerful solution that precisely accommodates what you uniquely need to be able to consistently project your confident balanced self no matter what challenges you are facing! testimonials

This enjoyable 1 minute a day process looks after the ‘WHOLE YOU’ and continues 24/7 for tangible results. 

It is unrealistic to expect that you can live at your optimum without actually tidying up, cleaning out and recalibrating your personal energy, emotional state, general mindset and attitude. holistic benefits

You use shampoo, deodorant, toothpaste as part of your daily routine.  However, it’s also important for you to acknowledge your finely-tuned living energy matrix also needs the “right” tools to maintain holistic vibrant health.

After cleansing your physical body when you shower you can now use your “Priority Mastery Essences” to clear, restore and transform your energy body in a way that‘s specifically pertinent to your unique needs.

This MISSING-LINK is so often forgotten about and you therefore never experience the results you want.  You end up struggling to stay on track and unable to attain the wellness and personal growth you aspire to.

Click here to view the clearing and shifts that take place to your Energy Body Intelligence when using your Mastery Essences

AAE’s Mastery Essences are the latest 21st Century development and complement whatever you do for your wellbeing, personal growth or beauty regime.  They are effective, easy to use and SMELL DIVINE!

Each Mastery Essence comes with a Profile Card that has a specially designed mind-body-soul affirmation, intention phrase and key words that further enhances the benefits of using your specific Mastery Essence.

AUSTRALIAN Aromatic Essences are more than an exquisite aroma;

They are a power packed synergy of nature’s life giving ingredients;

Free from chemicals & 100% pure and natural. Formula’s info

What you do to: Access your bottom line core block for resolution.  Scan the Mastery Essences here; your sub-conscious will be drawn to the symbol, colour, name or intention phrase.  Or access the free online reading here.  Use your ideal “Priority Mastery Essence” as suggested for 24/7 transformation.

Suggested Use: Shake bottle and spray 2 - 3 times at arms’ length above your head; inhale and immerse your whole “Being” in the mist’s exquisite aroma.  Clearing commences immediately and continues after each application for up to 8 - 12 hours for optimum results.

Don’t waste any more time. 
Get on track and move in the right direction.  No more roller coaster rides.

Use your Priority Mastery Essence to ensure you create the life you desire and deserve!

Avoid applying direct to skin, contact with eyes and when pregnant. Do not use if you are allergic to pure essential oils.  Not to be taken orally.  Keep out of reach of children.  Disclaimer: Formulations do not diagnose, treat or cure disease and are not substitute for medical treatment.   © Christine M Long - Australian Aromatic Essences 2012 - All Rights 

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