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Commercial Resellers (shops/day spas/retreats)

Welcome to our Resellers & Affiliate Business Opportunity –

Shops / Day Spas / Retreats –

Are you ready to FAST-TRACK yourself and business to greater success and fulfillment?

  • Attract more clients/customers; integrate different AAE products and services into your business to receive increased profit without trading time for money or adding to higher overheads.
  • Achieve better results immediately and on an ongoing basis for yourself, staff, clients and customers
  • Improve morale; embody a greater sense of purpose within you and your staff
  • Equip yourself and staff with extra skills and knowledge – knowledge sells
  • Offer a memorable point of difference for a competitive edge
  • Add more value for your clients for greater WOM referrals
  • Generate additional revenue; bottom line profits improve

If so this is going to be the most exciting information you have read for a long time.

AUSTRALIAN Aromatic Essences (AAE) is committed to building a great team of distributors and business alliances. We want to assist you to introduce our multi-faceted range of products and services to your valued clients so they can reap the many rewards this brings personally, professionally and financially. We encourage you to seize this opportunity NOW to experience the many advantages of being at the forefront of your profession

Income generating advantages to ensure your success

Most of our products are consumable which means you have the opportunity of generating orders from constant return sales. Add to this “word of mouth” referrals as your customers spread the news when they feel and experience the difference after using them. Your business has the potential to expand and develop into a very lucrative solid income stream. You can be rewarded personally, knowing that all your clients are benefiting from these exclusive revolutionary products while also enjoying your own personal and professional growth with an added bonus of the financial benefits. There is no limit to your customer base as it can be local or global whatever suits you and how much you would like to earn. Enquire here

Get on board” early and gain a competitive edge.
To find out more click here

The AUSTRALIAN Aromatic Essences are amazingly effective, enjoyable and easy to use; the aromas are divine and they are
100% pure and natural which makes them a “must have” tool for you and your clientele.

Ideal Commercial Resellers - To find out more click here

  • Retail Outlets that specialize in wellbeing or similar
  • Holistic Beauty Centres, Day Spas and Retreats
  • Gyms, Yoga, Pilates and other fitness regimes
  • Complementary Health and Well Being Clinic
  • Chiropractic and Osteopathic Therapies

Feedback from AAE distributors - Reseller Testimonials

Our distributors find that their customers’ embrace the Mastery Essences with enthusiasm. They have shared with us that their clients return eager to discover what their next “Priority Mastery Essence” will be to ensure they continue moving forward on their life’s journey with ease. They report the formulas provide extraordinary clearing and support with the challenges that confront them at various times.

Wellness practitioners easily incorporate the essences into their services and treatments which gives an extra special “memorable” experience while also enhancing their work. Customers want to share their new experience with others which translates into more referrals. They report their clientele are keen to return and uncover the next essence that is perfect for them to use in-between their appointments. Using the Mastery Essences creates a sense of community. Sharing is fostered for return business and ‘word of mouth’ recommendations. Repeat sales provide a generous and continuous additional residual income stream.

Extraordinary Benefits for you - To find out more click here

Benefit #1

Imagine having access to the most CUTTING EDGE ‘UP TO THE MINUTE’ SKILLS, STRATEGIES and TOOLS that immediately send your business and personal quest soaring.

Benefit #2

Imagine being able to increase your income without necessarily having to work more hours? Our products, services and trainings can show you HOW’ with simple steps to get you there.

Benefit #3

Imagine having access to exceptional skills and strategies that effectively ‘FLICK THE SWITCH’ for you to obtain even better RESULTS WITH YOUR WORK and also GENERATE an ADDITIONAL INCOME PLUS have fun doing it.

Benefit #4

Imagine learning how you can make the difference between ORDINARY and EXTRAORDINARY RESULTS with your work and your own personal growth.

Benefit #5

Imagine gaining extra clients and sales per week organically from what you provide and picture how your income and level of satisfaction would increase exponentially.

Exceptional Benefits for you to - To find out more click here


Enhance your clientele’s well Being and self-care programmes


For ongoing financial buoyancy and to have time to enjoy it


Your own personal development and wellness journey


To your professional expertise, products and services


Your consultations, approach, skill base and services


Provide that special ‘Point of Difference’


Without trading time for money

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Back-up and support -

We want you to know we are dedicated to ensure you receive the backup, support and information required for your success. We provide multi faceted training options (videos, information online, manuals, one-on-one sessions and workshop formats) that can be tailored to suit you and your specific requirements to accelerate your success depending on which Business Option you are aligned with. Wherever necessary product knowledge, selling skills and general ongoing education is available for you and your valued customers if and when it is ever required.

View examples of the eye catching promotional material you can use to increase your sales. View here

Who are your potential customers that can benefit -

People of all ages and gender embrace and enjoy the many rewards and results these formulas provide. They love how the Mastery Essences enhance their well being and personal growth. The following are some examples of who can benefit.

  • People who seek a greater sense of well being beyond what they have been doing as part of their health and beauty regime.
  • Children and toddlers are automatically drawn to them and the ease in which they can be applied is an added bonus for the therapist or parent.
  • Dedicated spiritual and personal development enthusiasts who desire to shift themselves to a new level of awareness and transformation.
  • Young people and teenagers “Get it”, they appreciate and accept these are tools for their full potential being realised.
  • Anyone who is noticing the need to adjust or adapt to the various challenges and stresses in their life.
  • Mature age enjoy how convenient, easy and accessible they are and how much better they feel.
  • Time-poor individuals looking for effective answers and solutions to create greater well being.

Other optional services that you may like to included in your business model - Enquire here

INNER INSIGHT Mastery Intuitive Readings and Consultations
INNER INSIGHT Mastery Information get-togethers
INNER INSIGHT Mastery Workshops
INNER INSIGHT Mastery Parties

Master how to - To find out more click here

  • Understand and integrate these powerful tools and services into your work and life generally for powerful positive change
  • Be competent in revolutionary methods and techniques that assist personal transformation for yourself and clients and to generate an attractive income doing so
  • Explore the other AAE complementary products and find out how to use and combine them for remarkable results
  • Gain first-hand understanding of the power and depth of these potent formulas
  • Learn how to facilitate an INNER INSIGHT Mastery Readings and Consultations;
  • Acquire proficiency in the various ways of choosing the ideal essence
  • Be confident in HOW and WHY you use them
  • Learn about the HOW and WHY they work

Affiliate Partners Program (Optional) - No stock held by you

This could be the perfect chance for you to increase your earnings. All you need to do is tell people about our products and programs. This can be done in person or online. For example your personalised URL link can be on Business Cards, Flyers, websites or social media outlets. Then when someone that you refer purchases from the AAE website using your link you receive 20% off the selling price!

A pretty easy way to earn extra income don’t you think?

Mentioning us to people who are looking for what we provide is something you’d probably do anyway. Through our Affiliate Program, we’re able to give something back to you in appreciation for your support. This creates a three way “WIN, WIN, WIN” scenario ie for you, the customer and AAE. How great is that?

Easy ways to spread the word

On-line -

  • Social Media
  • Websites
  • Blogs
  • Forums
  • Directories

In the well being personal, profession and spiritual growth, health and beauty market place.



  • Sports & Recreation Groups
  • General Community
  • Colleagues
  • Networks
  • Friends
  • Family
  • Clients

Who are interested in their well being and personal growth

These are all brilliant ways for you to receive additional income PLUS help people at the same time.

To sign up is simple, fast and FREE. Enquire here

ON-LINE Affiliate Support Kit -

  • We provide the tools you need; text links, sample emails, banners, articles, audios and videos to help with your promotions.
  • Regular updates, product information and offers will be available to FAST TRACK your success

You can plug into the various promotions and marketing campaigns on offer at various times to generate sales. These can then link back to you so you receive commission for all purchases and bookings of events. Remember most of our products are consumable which increases the potential of re-orders over time creating a passive accumulative income. Enquire here

OFF-LINE Affiliate Support Kit -

Hand-out or distribute eye-catching business cards and flyers (with your personal code and contact info on the material), and watch your bank balance increase as the people who are linked to you purchase products on-line Enquire here

View a sample of the high quality promotional material you can use to accelerate your sales.View here

About our multi-faceted products and services -

Provide premium products and powerful state-of-the-art concepts. They are comprehensive and cover a broad spectrum of requirements within the wellbeing and personal/spiritual development arena. People who use these tools can enhance and support their personal quest and return for more to continue their transformation and wellness journey.

We have an established solid platform that creates an empowered, effective and easy way to work from home or from anywhere at any time with integrity and depth, while also providing a generous income stream (this is not multi-level business). Our advanced formulas can be an invaluable asset to you personally. You can use them to improve and enhance your personal growth for optimum effectiveness in all areas of your work and personal life.

We encourage you to explore and work in partnership with us so this expansive business model, coupled with this remarkable diverse product range can be a powerful, transforming vehicle for you personally and professionally. Enquire here

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DIY Self Care Tools available -

Answers, Solutions and Tools
of the highest quality and effectiveness!




When you use the AUSTRALIAN Aromatic Essence Energy Block Clearing Tools,
you unlock your innate power to live your full potential


Enquire here

Warm regards,

Live your full potential and create the life you Desire and Deserve!

Christine M Long

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