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Divine Directions Oracle Cards


Renowned for the Wisdom, Guidance and Truth

Their accuracy will amaze you!

·       Gain insight to your life issues and direction

·       Obtain confidence and inspiration each day

·       Access state of the art tools to unlock your potential

·       Become aware of limitations and expand awareness

·       Understand your emotional imbalances and mindset blocks 

These insight oracle cards cut through to reveal the Missing Link for you to access quickly and efficiently what’s “really going” on; the elusive “under current” that hinders you. 

They provide you with the crystal clear “intention” and the relevant “mind body soul affirmation” that can support you throughout your life’s journey with razor sharp accuracy.

Enjoy the benefits of profound insight and guidance for yourself, friends and family any time.

Enjoy choosing a card each morning to set a positive and empowering intention to your day.


Take advantage of the simple reading techniques explained inside the pack. 

Choose the reading process you are drawn to whenever you feel you could benefit from accessing greater awareness and certainty.

These cards are specially designed to offer insight with where you are at right now and the higher learning of what is actually taking place in your life at the time. 

As you follow the simple steps given in the reading you can attain understanding of issues at a deeper level for your personal growth.


Well Being - Natural Health - Beauty - Life Coaches….

These invaluable DIY tools can be integrated into your consultations, session work, trainings and workshops.

They are an excellent tool that always reveals what you need to know in any given scenario.  By utilising them in your work you can always be confident and assured that you receive the perfect messages for each individual client at whatever level required.

The cards can provide immediate insight and support relevant to the work you are doing.   They can add an extra “punch” a deeper level of effectiveness to your work generally.

Whether that is to move through mindset limitations, emotional imbalances, negative behaviours, spiritual blockages or life lessons your client can do so with resilience, ease and buoyancy when they fully access the information they need.

As the facilitator, you can introduce the cards throughout the session in various creative ways when your clients’ feel stuck. 

Plus your clients can utilise them in-between sessions for added focus, guidance and support. 


Harness the power of your Mind Body Soul Connection

Expand and grow - create a more conscious, balanced you -

39 Cards that offer the

·       Higher Inner Quality required

·       Positive Intention necessary

·       Unlimited affirmation to empower 

·       Nature's elements to transform

·       Spiritual Symbols to align mind body and soul

Their empowering messages are invaluable at any time.

For deeper issues "The 3 card In-depth Awareness Reading" helps to gain clarity from a higher perspective (instructions are included)

The Insight Oracle Cards are a perfect complement to the Mastery Essences and an excellent tool to assist you to choose the 'priority' essence(s) for you and others.

This reading technique provides a time efficient process (approx. 10 mins) that offers a precise outcome to "know" how to get on track for yourself or for those you are facilitating.


INNER INSIGHT Mastery Reading versus a Tarot/Psychic Reading or similar?

Other types of readings uncover information about what has happened and will happen.

However unless the core emotional and mental blocks are addressed and resolved, the past can still affect the present unconsciously, and the present creates and affects your future.

Therefore, all you really have to work with is the “present” this is your point of power. 

When you become aware of what your unconscious blocks, limitations and issues are and eliminate them you can live your Higher Path. 

Working in this way prevents your life’s journey being a never ending cycle of detours and obstacles

Often people will comment on the quality of or a Tarot Psychic Reading and/or the Reader, and judge whether they are accurate or not. 

However the crucial point to consider is when you don’t access the core block and shift the necessary imbalances it will affect your ability to be aware of them and to actually make the higher choices to create what you want to happen or not happen from the information covered in the Tarot or Psychic Reading.  

When you just carry on regardless you will unconsciously hinder your path.  This is commonly known as ‘self sabotage’. 

You could resort to blaming others or the various situations that play out in your life, and make the information given in the Tarot/ Psychic Reading “wrong”. 

Self Sabotage by its sheer nature will eventuate without you being aware of it, and you end up powerless to do anything about it unless you know what the core block is and even if you do what do you do about it? 

The more aware you are and understand your sabotage behaviours, and have access to tools that will eliminate them the more empowered you are in manifesting your true heart’s desires. 

Everyone can only operate from their own frame of reference, and for sabotages and blocks to be addressed efficiently a person has to be taken outside their framework to a higher state of awareness to be able to even begin to shift the block once and for all. 

Otherwise it will just end up as information, a concept or theory and possibly into another limited “story”.  

Without the necessary energy shifts within your consciousness, your Energy Body Intelligence (Energy Matrix / Aura) the blocks are unable to be resolved effectively.


How to truly transform your blockages and issues

Sometimes when you are presented with the issue during a reading you may inadvertently think that is a sufficient trigger to make the necessary shifts required to move beyond it.

Therefore whatever Aromatic Essence(s) that is most suitable for you in the Reading –


It is imperative to be honest with yourself, so you are equipped with the best tools and opportunity.

Why dilute your transformation? 

Why not give yourself the best possible chance to break through to a new level?

Remember, by not compromising what is perfect for you, you are allowing a deeper more powerful intention to take place to achieve better results.

This is your life and it is up to you to make the most of it by allowing and giving yourself the highest possible outcome. 


 More Testimonials

"I am blown away with the accuracy and insight the cards provide. I use them each morning to set up an empowering intention for my day ahead.
The Spontaneous and In Depth Readings are invaluable for specific issues. They offer the depth, assurance and guidance I need. They are not “too fluffy” or “airy fairy” and provide real inner growth for me in my life." L. Hill, Astrologer, Healesville, Melb, Aust

"They get straight to the heart of the matter giving me a truthful and honest reading as to what needs to be shifted within for me to achieve
greater fulfilment. K. Delios, Crystal Therapy, Kew, Melb, Aust



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