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“Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you” 
Oprah Winfrey
Emotive Intention: To let go of deep wounds, hurts, denials and be gutsy so you live your power.
Life Outcome: To be happy with yourself as a sexual and whole person so you are comfortable with your personal power and/or intimacy on all levels.
Revolutionary Tool…. 
The DISHEARTENED TO PASSION & PURPOSE Kit is about anchoring a sovereign place within so you are able to heal whatever emotive wounds have held you back. 
In the past this may have felt too hard to address or it runs so deep you have not been aware of what needs repair to embrace your wholeness once again.
Unfortunately this results in an unconscious protection mechanism such as a sharp tongue or negative emotive reactions often without you even realising why. 
The shadow side of your nature seems to take over, causing intense or excessive actions that are the opposite to what you ideally want to do and this unfortunately ends up causing further issues. 
This limitation plays out as subtle and sometimes not so subtle resistance or a barrier in how you respond and interact in the world which hinders your empowered personal flow. 
Use the DISHEARTENED TO PASSION & PURPOSE Kit to facilitate yourself to live a higher state of awareness where you expand beyond this self-sabotage and emotive restriction.   
This Self-Mastery Kit is also about you owning this area of your life so you excel at “Feeling” and “Being” 100% comfortable with your personal power.  
No more power struggles; playing it small or thinking like you have to make yourself be “more” by demonstrating an excessive persona or addictive nature because of a deep seated feeling of not being enough. 
Until these character traits are addressed and these attitudes curbed these emotive barriers prevent you from being in your “gutsy state” of “passion”. 
Ideally you need to shift what prevents you from approaching your life and business in an affirmative state without over stepping yours’ or other people’s boundaries. 
A tendency to brood or have a defeatist attitude fades and you are better equipped to enjoy each experience and succeed exponentially. 
When you are 100% in congruency you are automatically in your personal flow and instead of issues, resistance and problems being in your way a positively driven, influential and competent emotive response prevails.  
As you use the Mastery Essence Kit and access, integrate and follow through with this new found awareness perceived obstacles no longer seem to happen or if they arise you deal with them appropriately in a congruent passionate manner. 
When there are blockages or diluted versions of what you desire playing out in varying degrees (in other words the limited messages that you unconsciously project outward) it causes you to not be in your personal flow; your “Empowered Zone.” 
You end up attracting feelings of defeat or inadequacy instead. 
When you feel like (notice) this is happening to you it is an indication there is work to be done on clearing your hidden self-sabotage. 
ACCELERATE YOUR PROCESS – USE THIS BREAKTHROUGH SELF SABOTAGE Kit – It provides up to 3-4 months facilitation 24/7 for amazing results to take place. 



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