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“Wealth is the ability to fully experience life” 
Henry David Thoreau
Emotive Intention: To be worthy and secure in having love and abundance, and to improve your self-worth so you create what you desire.
Life Outcome: To know you can create what you want and do it in any aspect of your life, this can include conception when appropriate.
Revolutionary Tool…. 
The SCARCITY TO SUCCESS Kit is about anchoring your innate worthiness within so it’s present in every moment.  No dilutions, inappropriate compromises or deep-seated emotive patterns of going without.  When you truly acknowledge “it’s in your Highest Good to receive what you desire” it naturally attracts to you.
The emotive energy of “worthiness” is a powerful remedy for you experiencing a prosperous existence.  
However, this emotive vibration needs to be authentic and come from the core of you to make lasting and tangible change. 
Any conflicting energy alignments that may reside deep within can impede this level of emotive power to flow “abundantly!” 
This limitation plays out as subtle and sometimes not so subtle resistance or a barrier in how you respond and interact in the world which hinders your empowered ultimate personal flow. 
Use the SCARCITY TO SUCCESS Kit to facilitate yourself to live a higher state of awareness where you expand beyond this self-sabotage and emotive restriction. 
This Self-Mastery Kit is about you owning this area of your life so you excel at living “Holistic Wealth”.  
Whether you are a person – 
Who seems to manifest easily but you are now ready to do so at a whole new elevated level 
You are a person who struggles with consistently manifesting what you desire, this Mastery Essence Kit is ideal to assist your facilitation in mastering the process.  
Until these character traits are established and these attitudes are integrated fully emotive barriers prevent you from being in your effective “worthy state” of “Holistic Wealth”. 
Ideally you need to shift what prevents you from approaching your life and business with an unconstrained receptive point of view so you don’t get stuck in the “how.”  Instead you establish a state of “Beingness;” in other words “Being” present in each moment as a natural part of your every day.  
This elevated energy dynamic magnetically attracts with less control and effort. 
Any stubbornness, stinginess or excessive reactions to money or the “good things” in life fades and you are better equipped to enjoy each experience and succeed exponentially. 
When you are 100% in congruency you are automatically in your personal flow and instead of issues, resistance and problems being in your way a balanced plentiful and generous emotive response prevails. 
When there are blockages or diluted versions of what you desire playing out in varying degrees (in other words the limited messages that you unconsciously project outward) it causes you to not be in your personal flow; your “Empowered Zone.” 
You can end up giving out or attracting feelings of excessive lack such as penny pinching or alternatively extravagance to try to make yourself feel better about you or your life. Scarcity or an inflated neediness for more can transpire. 
When you feel like (notice) this is happening to you it is an indication there is work to be done on clearing your hidden self-sabotage. 
ACCELERATE YOUR PROCESS – USE THIS BREAKTHROUGH SELF SABOTAGE Kit – It provides up to 3-4 months facilitation 24/7 for amazing results to take place. 

Not applicable for Breakthrough Self-Sabotage Kits

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