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“Let no one think that flexibility and a predisposition to compromise is a sign of weakness or a sell-out” 
Paul Kagame 
Emotive Intention: To eliminate negative thoughts or a limited attitude and to also aid communication.
Life Outcome: To communicate without agenda for the highest outcome.
Revolutionary Tool…. 
The LIMITATION TO EXPANSION Kit is about anchoring within you the ability to adapt to life’s challenges or changes with an open-mind and heart connection so you allow for depth of understanding and appreciation to be fostered.
When this emotive awareness is absent boredom can set in and a shallow or defeated disposition results.  This can then lead to further confusion, oscillating from one way of operating/living/functioning to another.  
A masked inauthentic persona can be the consequence, which causes meaningful communication and a deeper connection with yourself, others and life generally to be missing. 
This limitation plays out as subtle and sometimes not so subtle resistance or a barrier in how you respond and interact in the world which hinders your empowered ultimate personal flow. 
Use the LIMITATION TO EXPANSION Kit to facilitate yourself to live a higher state of awareness where you expand beyond this self-sabotage and emotive restriction. 
This Self-Mastery Kit is about you owning this area of your life so you excel at allowing your connection with people to be real and genuine; and your intention is to align with the highest outcome for all concerned.
You may have heard that research has found that communication is actually 70 – 90% body language which in the context of what is proposed here could be interpreted as an energy exchange between people.  
Therefore if this is the case the actual words are not normally the issue (it is just how it may appear) it is what is being communicated within the transaction of the energy dynamic (ie the flow of energy between people). 
When your focus is over shadowed with your own agenda it creates an energetic rift between you and another.  It may not be exposed during your liaison however the outcome of what is discussed will often fall short because of it. 
Therefore being present and allowing the interaction to flow with empowerment and ease so everyone has the opportunity to embrace the concepts, ideas and insights with a clear intent, creates a collaborative commitment for the best conclusion to transpire. 
Until these character traits are established and these attitudes are integrated fully emotive barriers prevent you from being in your effective “receptive space” of “flexibility”. 
Ideally you need to shift what prevents you from approaching your life and business with openness and versatility. 
Any rigidity, resolute or alternatively perpetual wavering fades and you are better equipped to enjoy each experience and succeed exponentially. 
When you are 100% in congruency you are automatically in your personal flow and instead of issues, resistance and problems being in your way an adaptable, receptive and multi-faceted emotive response prevails.  
When there are blockages or diluted versions of what you desire playing out in varying degrees (in other words the limited messages that you unconsciously project outward) it causes you to not be in your personal flow; your “Empowered Zone.” 
You can end up giving out or attracting feelings of boredom and inflexibility instead. 
When you feel like (notice) this is happening to you it is an indication there is work to be done on clearing your hidden self-sabotage. 
ACCELERATE YOUR PROCESS – USE THIS BREAKTHROUGH SELF SABOTAGE Kit – It provides up to 3-4 months facilitation 24/7 for amazing results to take place. 

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