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‘If you nurture your mind, body, and spirit, your time will expand. You will gain a new perspective that will allow you to accomplish much more” 
Brian Koslow 
Emotive Intention: To have a deep sense of nurturing for self and others, without being over sensitive, emotional or moody.
Life Outcome: To be in-tune with your highest values for a profound loving experience with all who know you.
Revolutionary Tool…. 
The CRABBY TO CALM & CENTRED Kit is about expressing a warm and receptive outlook towards your inner-self that naturally infiltrates to others in all your interactions.
A moody or prickly emotive response can be transformed into a balanced thoughtful nature. 
How you deal with each situation or person personally or professionally on an ongoing basis can be crucial to your fulfilment and ultimate success. 
Therefore being able to empathise while remaining empowered as you honour yours and other people’s boundaries is an important attribute to develop and be the norm in your every day. 
If you are over-emotional or too sensitive when dealing with difficult people or situations that arise can cause unnecessary upset and angst.  
This emotive imbalance disrupts your personal flow and restricts your ability to expand beyond the cycle of emotional instability which then ultimately infiltrates life and business. 
This limitation plays out as subtle and sometimes not so subtle resistance or a barrier in how you respond and interact in the world. 
Use the CRABBY TO CALM & CENTRED Kit to facilitate yourself to live a higher state of awareness where you expand beyond this self-sabotage and emotive restriction. 
This Self-Mastery Kit is about you owning this area of your life so you excel at accessing deep within the truth that you “Belong” no matter what transpires, what hardship or emotional upheaval arises this core value is unwavering.
Ironically, as this stable and steadfast “knowing” is well established within your Being it fosters a profound state of strength and solidarity at your emotive core.  An innate sense of “Belonging” prevails. 
Until these character traits are developed and these attitudes are integrated fully barriers prevent you from being in your effective “self-nurturing” state of “belonging”. 
Ideally you'll shift what prevents you from approaching your life and business with a congenial emotionally balanced attitude. 
Any touchy, moody or need to smother fades and you are better equipped to enjoy each experience and succeed exponentially. 
When you are 100% in congruency you are automatically in your personal flow and instead of issues, resistance and problems being in your way a stable, good natured and amiable emotive response prevails.  
When there are blockages or diluted versions playing out in varying degrees (in other words the limited messages that you unconsciously project outward) it causes you to NOT be in your “Empowered Zone.” 
You can end up giving out or attracting feelings of being difficult or crabby instead.
When you feel like (notice) this is happening to you it is an indication there is work to be done on clearing hidden self-sabotages. 
ACCELERATE YOUR PROCESS – USE THIS BREAKTHROUGH SELF SABOTAGE Kit – It provides up to 3-4 months facilitation 24/7 for amazing results to take place. 



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