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“It takes a lot of courage to release the familiar and seemingly secure, to embrace the new. But there is no real security in what is no longer meaningful. There is more security in the adventurous and exciting, for in movement there is life, and in change there is power”  
Alan Cohen 
Emotive Intention: To be motivated, enthusiastic and energised to take action and enter untried territory.
Life Outcome: To feel good about your body and looking after it.  This can include your Professional/Personal Image and/or Persona along with health and weight issues.
Revolutionary Tool…. 
The PROCRASTINATION TO DECISIVE ACTION Kit is about resolving the tendency to be brash or possess a selfish disposition. This could result in you being intolerant or self-obsessed eg “it’s all about you”.
The way to gauge the severity of these imbalances would be to notice whether the people around you are supportive of what you need or they accuse you of not supporting them with what they need more often that you’d like. This would indicate a mirror of your blockages playing out. 
Alternatively, the realisation that it is time to pay more attention to yourself and your own needs comes to the fore.  An emphasis towards what you require is now a priority so your aspirations come to fruition. 
Any imbalances that prevent you from taking the steps for the appropriate action to unfold can be let go of.  You “get on with it” and make the changes that are essential to creating the desired outcome. 
When you actually start to take action it is crucial that impatience and frustration doesn’t take over and you brush over important information or steps. 
You must ensure you don’t turn into a bulldozer that is out of touch with what is required for the bigger picture to play out for the benefit of all concerned.  An impetuousness or volatility could be an issue.  
This limitation plays out as subtle and sometimes not so subtle resistance or a barrier in how you respond and interact in the world which hinders your empowered ultimate personal flow. 
Therefore an efficient and powerful outlook to get the job done is embraced and a new found level of living and “Being” unfolds. 
What seemed unsurmountable becomes just a task to undertake and address or a challenge to resolve. 
As you facilitate yourself utilising the PROCRASTINATION DECISIVE ACTION Kit you respond responsibly with minimum fuss and an empowered attitude takes over. 
Procrastination can disappear; incessant mulling over, rehashing or "putting it on the back burner” dissolves; your energy can shift and you become clear what the next elevated level of your life and business can be. 
The quiet achiever reigns! 
Use the Mastery Essence Kit to facilitate yourself to live a higher state of awareness where you expand beyond this self-sabotage and emotive restriction. 
This Self-Mastery Kit is also about addressing this area of your life so you excel at being 100% comfortable in your own skin and not be overly concerned with what others think about you. 
Instead you possess an integrated holistic perspective of what you require personally and professionally to move forward in your life in a way that resonates perfectly with you. 
Until these character traits are established and these attitudes are integrated fully emotive barriers prevent you from being in your effective “motivated state” of “courage”. 
Ideally you need to shift what prevents you from approaching your life and business with a sincere desire to serve with a resourceful pioneering approach. 
Any indecisiveness, timidness or selfish intent fades and you are better equipped to enjoy each experience and succeed exponentially. 
When you are 100% in congruency you are automatically in your personal flow and instead of issues, resistance and problems being in your way a patient, respectful and pioneering spirit prevails. 
When there are blockages or diluted versions of what you desire playing out in varying degrees (in other words the limited messages that you unconsciously project outward) it causes you to not be in your personal flow; your “Empowered Zone.” 
You can end up giving out or attracting feelings of being too pushy or self-centred instead.
When you feel like (notice) this is happening to you it is an indication there is work to be done on clearing your hidden self-sabotage. 
ACCELERATE YOUR PROCESS – USE THIS BREAKTHROUGH SELF SABOTAGE Kit – It provides up to 3-4 months facilitation 24/7 for amazing results to take place. 

Not applicable for Breakthrough Self-Sabotage Kits

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