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Soul Mates Kit



Lifestyle Pack

Attract or reconnect with your ideal mate!

Essences:                           Relationship, Karma and Homeward

Kit Focus:                     To know you attract what you are or what you are here to learn and 100% accept that love is at the core of this for you and your Soul Mate to experience.

Level 2 (3 bottles – 25ml each)

Who doesn’t want to share life with their compatible Soul Mate?  I think you would agree that there would not be many people who would say no to that question if anyone at all.  Are you ready to attract your soul mate?   If so, what needs to shift within you for this to take place?  Have you already found that special partner?  What do you need to do for that deeper connection to be present once again?  Love is a dynamic and powerful force.  Sometimes when you are personally out of sync, mindset or emotional blockages can hinder the process of deepening your bond with another.  Or prevent you from attracting your perfect partner.   Why not become clear within you and find the love your truly desire and deserve.

Use the SOUL MATES Kit to assist you.  Radiate your pure intent to attract or reconnect with your ideal life partner.   Don’t let pain from the past whether it is hurt, grief, guilt or suffering make it scary for you to move forward.  Let go of the hidden fears, that you may never find love or connect with your beloved in a deeper way.  Use this kit to clear away the unconscious resistance that holds you back.  Shift beyond the confusing mixed messages (that are rooted in the past) that you unknowingly give out.  Eliminate the mindset blocks and emotional imbalances that stop you.  Be open and receptive to receive love and intimacy to complete your life.  Invite in what is perfect for you, you deserve it! 

Using this combination of Mastery Essences together creates a powerful synergy of high frequency energetic signatures that blend in perfect harmony to clear the blocks that hinder your process.

Accompanying these Mastery Essences are the matching Profile Cards that provides the precise Mind-Body-Soul Affirmation and Key Words to accelerate your transformational process. 

To ensure you achieve the best outcome follow the 2 simple steps on bottle and profile card.  Clear your blocks and move forward in your life with ease.  Please buy here NOW


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