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Generation Gap Kit



Power Pack

OMG when will they ‘GET IT’?

Essences:                                Family and Detachment

Kit Focus:                     To feel comfortable and receptive with what is presented to you in all relationships and trust your ability to allow the highest outcome to prevail.

Level 1 (2 bottles – 25ml each)

It can be such a joy to be part of a family, a member of a close-knit group or to interact with a wide age-range of people.  And, it’s such a blessing when interacting is harmonious and bonding takes place.  However life throws curve balls and sometimes things can go awry.  A family member may be filled with angst or someone may have a “chip on their shoulder”.  Effective communication within your interactions may be lacking, misunderstandings can fester and words don’t come out the way you intended.  This type of discord and breakdown can cause untold stress and unhappiness for all involved. Perceptions and perspectives that differ dramatically can impact on achieving a workable solution, especially when people are too attached, too close or too involved to be able to seek or agree to a specific outcome.  It can be a challenging time for all!

Use the GENERATION GAP Kit to assist you.  Know and feel that no matter what transpires you can ultimately find the goodness and joy within.  Know that inner peace is achievable.  Know that all will be well regardless of what you are facing in the present.   As you use the GENERATION GAP Kit notice how you find a centred place within.   Be aware of the importance to honour your own life’s journey and realise that everyone (whether family, friend or colleague) all have their own journey to live and experience in their way.  Live by example and watch your external reality shift.  People will begin to respond to you differently and in turn you to them for positive and loving outcomes to be a natural occurrence.

Using this combination of Mastery Essences together creates a powerful synergy of high frequency energetic signatures that blend in perfect harmony to clear the blocks that hinder your process.

Accompanying these Mastery Essences are the matching Profile Cards that provides the precise Mind-Body-Soul Affirmation and Key Words to accelerate your transformational process. 

To ensure you achieve the best outcome follow the 2 simple steps on bottle and profile card.  Clear your blocks and move forward in your life with ease.  Please buy here NOW


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