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Daily Personal Growth Kit




Meditation CD, Insight Cards & SANCTUARY Mastery Essence (25mls)

Support your inner authority and wisdom to emerge…

Empower yourself each day with these effective and time efficient set of transformational tools.


DIVINE DIRECTION MEDITATION CD – 4 x 15 minute meditations

Awaken your gifts and talents, reveal your strengths and unleash your power…

Unwind and nurture as you renew and align the inner you.  This CD is ideal for the beginner or experienced meditator.  Each meditation only takes 15 minutes so it’s easy to fit into your busy day.  When used regularly the benefits accumulate and a momentum builds and is maintained to assist your life’s journey.

Ambient, soothing tones and gentle rhythms subtly invoke the mood for transformation. 

Each guided meditation invokes the innate power of nature’s 4 elements. 

water.gif  Balance your emotions

earth.gif Rejuvenate your body

fire.gif Replenish your spirit

air.gif Clear your mind



DIVINE DIRECTION™ Oracle Cards (39 cards & reading options)

Harness the Power of the Mind-Body-Soul Connection 


These cards are renowned for the wisdom, guidance and spiritual truth.

Gain insight for you, friends and family at any time; reveal the missing link and core message needed with razor sharp accuracy.

They are also an effective tool for Personal Growth and Wellness Professionals to use in their consultations and group work.  Steps for various simple reading processes are included in pack.


SANCTUARY Mastery Essence (25ml & 50ml Mist)

Relax, Balance and Re-new you and your surroundings


Create a peaceful state immediately and for many hours after application. 

Enjoy releasing stress and negativity effortlessly for balance to return on a consistent basis. 

Using the SANCTUARY Essence is especially effective in clearing heavy stuck energy from your or your environment and can also assist with diffusing intense or difficult situations. 

Well-being professionals use SANCTUARY as an invaluable tool to enhance the facilitation process with their clients. 

It also proves to be extraordinarily beneficial for cleansing residual energy in treatment rooms’ and to support the therapist’s wellbeing. 

You can immediately create a peaceful state for your self family, friends, or clients which lasts for many hours after application. 

This pure aromatic essence is extraordinarily beneficial to cleanse residual energy in your home, workplace or in treatment/hotel rooms and is an invaluable tool before, during and after individual and group meditation sessions.


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