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Welcome to your FREE On-line INSIGHT READING 

The advantage of working with the On-Line Insight Reading is so you go beyond your unconscious limitations and follow through by using your “Priority Mastery Essence” as an effective empowering facilitation tool that can shift your imbalances or issues. You can....

  • Accurately discover your bottom-line core issue
  • Learn what the best place is to start to effectively address it
  • Access the precise transformational tool to obtain optimum results

NOTE: To ensure you receive the best experience from your on-line INSIGHT MASTERY Reading, please read the 4 simple steps below the “Gems” before you start.

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1. Centre yourself, clear your mind, close your eyes, take 2 slow deep breaths, relax and let go as you breathe out. Repeat the following words to yourself (ie to your sub-conscious) or out loud. What is in my Highest Good to know right now.”

2. Then open your eyes keeping them soft and relaxed, scan over the above "Gems". Click on the one you are most drawn to. This takes you to the correct LIFE AREA, EMOTION, MINDSET, SOUL or BEHAVIOUR classification that is relevant for you.

3. Then repeat steps 1 and 2 on the page you're on. Read the INSIGHT CARD'S MESSAGE that pops up; allow yourself to take in the information with your HEART and MIND.  Then click on the “learn more” at the bottom of the card.

This'll take you to a detailed profile on what this card means. Immerse yourself in the insights relevant to where you are right now.

Reflect; be open and receptive to what it's telling you.

Your immediate response maybe -

  • That you think you are already doing what's suggested. If that's the case it's important to realise that there's another level to expand into, otherwise a different message would have come up. Your message most likely means it's time to resolve a blockage or a blind spot that's hindering your progress towards receiving a deeper more expansive frame of reference around that insight.  This is ultimately what you're aiming for and by using the precise transformational tool the message is matched with you'll faciliate yourself beyond it nice and efficiently rather than getting bogged down and wasting precious time "trying" to find what's hindering you from elevating to the next level.


  • Alternatively the insights given may be very obvious that you’re not doing or “Being” what the message says and therefore it is now essential for you to clear exactly what's preventing you from doing so.  This is where the the matching transformational tool is invaluable for you to successfully move beyond it and quickly and effectively as possible.

4. The last step is to access your ideal Transformational Tool that can support you to move past this issue thoroughly and exponentially.

Your “Priority Mastery Essence” that matches your chosen message profile is your perfect self empowerment tool that'll ensure you don’t waste precious time on PROCESSING AND PROCESSING some more with little gain!

No more over thinking and analysing so that confusion sets in.  You'll be able to work way beyond this level to prevent creating more issues due to your present unconscious limitations taking over once again so more dissatisfiying outcomes eventuate.

NOTE: If you would like to  discover the “Priority Mastery Essence(s)” for someone else, follow the same procedure and when you open your eyes ask yourself (ie your sub-conscious) to be shown the “Gem” that's most relevant for that person’s “Highest Good”. VOILA!

You'll be guided to the exact “Gem” that's perfect for that special person.  Enjoy! Tell a friend

The purpose of the On-line INNER INSIGHT Mastery reading is to cut through the chatter and access beyond your usual limited frame of reference so it reveals an elevated perspective of what's holding you back or blocks you.

It includes the "learnings" necessary. Therefore the idea is not to “TRY” and dissect or over-think the message because that'll only take you back into the same limited processing that you have been used to.

That's what helped create the blocks that were revealed in the first place.  Instead allow yourself to be proactive in doing something about it and start utilising the Mastery Essence(s) that have come up for you and those you love.

This powerful on-line INNER INSIGHT Mastery facility is based on 3 key principles –


  • Quantum science philosophy utilising your electro-magnetic field ie energy body intelligence
  • Your sub-conscious psycho-physical functionality
  • Wisdom from the ancient laws of Spirituality

You can NOW -


  • Identify the undercurrents that stop you or your business reaching its full potential
  • Gain insight so you elevate to the next level in your business or life generally
  • Access the emotional-intelligence imbalances that prevent your success
  • Uncover your Soul’s message so you reconnect to your Spiritual-Self
  • Learn about your mindset limitations that hold your back

Benefits to you


By using your “Priority Mastery Essence(s)” you can now actually clear away what is preventing you to move to the next level with effectiveness and efficiency. This simple yet powerful tool only takes a minute a day to do and will facilitate you 24/7 for profound shifts and insights to unfold. Clearing, clarity, insight and resilience can finally take place that is perfect and relevant for you; you can access exactly what you need regarding any inner blockages you are working with for empowered self-mastery to be realised.

FAQ - On-line INNER INSIGHT Mastery Reading –

The message is a positive one so why do I need assistance to clear anything?

Whatever is revealed in your reading accurately informs you of the ‘bottom-line’ block within you specific to the message given and it’s time to clear it. This block is preventing you from fully living, mastering or having what the affirmative INNER INSIGHT Mastery information expresses. It suggests that there is a new level for you to attain with regard to this message, and once the relevant blocks are cleared it will make a tangible impact that influences you living your full potential.

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Following this simple process will make way for exponential growth where you naturally live your true higher path without the unnecessary diversions and hiccups. Granted there may be some challenges along the way, remember you are expanding into new territory, however you now have access to the precise transformational tools every step of the way to fast-track your growth and life’s journey to a whole new and exciting level without the usual struggle and doubt that has stopped you in the past. Tell a friend

Why would I use the Mastery Essences to help my progress instead of just doing it myself?

The AUSTRALIAN Aromatic Essences are designed to accurately accelerate and enhance your inner process so you can create your external world to reflect back to you how you truly desire it to be. Using the “Priority Mastery Essence(s)” that are relevant for you enables you to go outside your own locked-in framework that keeps your ‘self-defeating stories’ alive (this may be unconscious) that ultimately prevents you from living the life you want to live. You are able to hone in on your emotion, mindset, spiritual or behavioral limitations and blockages in all of the important key areas of your life. When you use the Mastery Essence(s) as suggested you EMPOWER YOURSELF to attain the answers and mindset shifts necessary that are unique to you for optimum results. Tell a friend

Why can’t I just work out what’s blocking me or holding me back; surely I would know better than an online Reading?

That's so true for all of us, however there is one problem we have blockages that cause self-sabotage or limitations in our perceptions.  We only know what we know and this simple yet powerful reading process enables you to access beyond that for deeper insight.  It is essential to not get into your mind too much about what’s been revealed. It is best for you to just feel, observe, allow and be receptive to the information given and how this transpires within you and enjoy the what this reveals. Responding in this way will assist you to experience the appropriate insight, awareness and consciousness shifts necessary that are specific to you. You can then utilise the “Priority Mastery Essence” to ensure you clear what has hindered you so far. Following these simple steps prevents you chasing your tale so you make the changes, shifts, decisions or responses to your life’s challenges you need to get the results you want.Tell a friend

What if I recheck by clicking on another “Gem” and I don’t get the same one how do I know which one is correct for me?

The on-line INNER INSIGHT Mastery readings are based on you using the power and wisdom of the your sub-conscious higher mind and your unique energy body intelligence (ie your electromagnetic field). Everything is energy and changes, moves, shifts and evolves in every moment nothing stays the same, however within that ever changing energy in motion there is “stagnation” “stillness”and the “present moment”.

Therefore when you are drawn to a “Gem” it is an indication that its message is what you need for your highest good at that time. Often if you immediately redo the same process again the same outcome will take place. If that doesn’t happen it can indicate that during the first message the information given has triggered a shift within you.  In every moment there is opportunity for change within us.  This is when you can utilise the second lot of information to help further understand the first message. The second card can offer more insight; a slightly different perspective and you can appreciate the information at a deeper level to move beyond the resistances.

It’s essential to not over think this process as this only creates more “stuff” which is part of what may have contributed to the cause of your blocks and imbalances in the first place. It is important to start somewhere and to NOT try and work through your issues in a way that creates more stories and confusion. When you over think and analyse this can cause you to delay taking action with your transformation.

This is the purpose of the On-line INNER INSIGHT Mastery Reading – to eliminate all that for you.

Of course you could continue to keep choosing Insight cards over and an over again and it may even be helpful to a point. However the idea is to TAKE ACTION and get your “energy in motion” so that you actually begin the “real deeper” clearing and integration THAT'S ESSENTIAL FOR TANGIBLE SHIFTS. You have to start somewhere and the Mastery Essence that was first revealed would indicate the core block when chosen as directed.

The follow-up choices act as further insights that offer knowledge and awareness to how the first message affects you or plays out in your life.

Receiving additional information can be helpful but the key is to make sure you achieve marked long term change.
To do this the key is to unravel your entrenched blocks by using your Priority Mastery Essence.

Once you commence using your “Priority Mastery Essence” your makeover begins immediately. It is important to get the ‘ball rolling” so when your “Priority Mastery Essence” is revealed you use it to assist your facilitation process to -

  • dissolve limited perceptions
  • unhealthy reactions and
  • restrictive decisions that work against you

Trust the process and start with the first “Priority Mastery Essence” chosen and as things begin to clear and transform, you'll see, feel and experience the difference.

For profound results it is essential to follow-through and finish the “Priority Mastery Essence” bottle.  This completes the process efficiently ready for the next level of your personal journey.

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What if I don’t relate to the message I receive?

This on-line reading facility helps to shift your own perceptions and awareness to a higher level within you and helps you reach beyond any limitations to reveal the “Missing Link”, the “Blind Spot” that needs addressing. Once you deal with these blockages as you use your “Priority Mastery Essence” your personal transformation ripples out like a pebble in a pond into other areas of your life. What you “thought” needed to be done or changed may no longer be relevant due to the shifts that have automatically and organically taken place.

You no longer just “put out spot fires” or lose focus of what is needed
You can NOW access beyond the perpetual “smoke screen” that creates diversions, negative stories and limited filters

To ensure you don’t inadvertently miss your precious “Insight” it is important to not block or push aside what is revealed. These readings are profoundly accurate and go to the absolute ‘bottom-line’. The messages given do not operate on a superficial level they have great depth, that is their purpose.Therefore it may sometimes be necessary to allow yourself to delve further within to appreciate what the message is telling you.

Therefore if you just try to “think through” the message in over-drive you may not be successful in accessing your ‘Higher Mind” and in the past when you have processed this way it potentially creates more limitations or the blockages stay stuck…ouch!

By using this on-line INNER INSIGHT Mastery facility (or your personal AAE Consultant) you uncover the next step to clearly see where your intention needs to be. Revealing you “Priority Mastery Essence(s)” is the important next step to assist you to continue with your personal growth exponentially.

Therefore, whatever Mastery Essence(s) is ideal for you go for it!
It’s time for you to breakthrough to a new level and move on!

Can I use more than one Mastery Essence to support and accelerate my growth?

Absolutely, you would repeat the process with the intention of ascertaining what the second, third, fourth or fifth Mastery Essences are (these are the “Support Priority Mastery Essences”). Therefore you can follow the same 4 step procedure as many times as you like. After you have ascertained the “Priority Mastery Essence” and you would like to know what the “Support Priority Mastery Essences” are - re-do the on-line INNER INSIGHT Mastery Reading, however in this instance ask “What is my next “Support Priority Mastery Essence” to use with the “Priority Mastery Essence” I just chose?” You can use as many Mastery Essences at one time you are drawn to. Trust what you feel is appropriate. There are no rules it is purely your choice regarding what you feel/think you need for optimum results. Using one Mastery Essence or five all have a place. Please be aware however using only one Essence should not be underestimated and will still assist you to make profound shifts. Further detail regarding how to combine the various Mastery Essence Ranges and how they work in harmony with each other is explained on each individual “Reading Category” page. Tell a friend

Can I also find out what other follow-up Priority Mastery Essences I need to use after my first Priority Mastery Essence is revealed at the same Reading?

This is a convenient solution to assist you to continue on your personal growth journey consistently. Your prefect personal growth tools can be at your finger-tips ready as you move forward. After you have ascertained the “Priority Mastery Essence” and you would like to know what the follow-up Priority Mastery Essences would be - re-do the on-line INNER INSIGHT Mastery Reading following the same 4 Step procedure. However in this instance ask “What is my next “Priority Mastery Essence” to use after I have completed using the first one I just chose?” This way you can order a few at once and be ready to follow-through for optimal long term transformation. This eliminates any delay and builds a powerful momentum where you effortlessly keep on track especially with today’s busy schedules. Tell a friend

Why can’t I just choose what I want without doing the reading process?

This onlineon-line  INNER INSIGHT Mastery facility opens a doorway for a deeper more powerful intention to achieve better results. Your limited thinking patterns that run you can be so entrenched that it can be difficult for you to be aware of them. To master this hidden self-saboteur you need to go beyond your conscious mind, because your mind has its own limited filters. It’s based on the past or what you think you know not necessarily what is true in the present moment. Your point of power is in the NOW and this Reading facility offers insight without the restrictions of the past that potentially dilute your thoughts and expectations. What this means is, you can tap into your “Higher Mind”. By doing this your ‘Higher Intelligence’ is in charge, which stops the limited parts of your conscious mind blocking you and creating self-sabotage. Tell a friend

It’s important to allow yourself to receive the best possible information to achieve the best possible outcome!

How does your sub-conscious mind work and influence your personal growth?

A good example of when your sub-conscious and Higher Mind are in operation would be when you are driving your car and end up at your destination but don’t remember driving there - yet you arrived safe and sound. How did you get there, what was driving your car? That’s right; it was your unconscious mind. I’m sure you have experienced other scenarios where you are functioning in ‘remote control’ mode, (i.e. unconsciously driven) and yet the job gets done! Once again it is the unconscious mind in operation.

An unconscious program can be something you remember but dismiss the possibility of it having any impact on you. If the program is there it has the power to “unconsciously” affect your behaviour. Similarly, the program may be something that you do not remember at all. Either way, the program is there. Everything that has happened in the past, good or bad is stored and will have unconscious emotions or decisions attached to it. All of which will ultimately affect what you create in your life on a day to day basis.

The sub-conscious mind will have its own program, as it operates symbolically. Therefore, whatever negative emotions you may have hidden, you will unconsciously do your best to avoid them, hence affecting you unconsciously with all your actions and decisions. Why would you want to create those emotions again? Of course you wouldn’t.

On a rational, logical conscious mind level you will say no way I don’t want that, I will do this to ensure I don’t get that again. This may seem to work temporarily, or it may not work at all, which can result in feeling that you are banging your head against a brick wall. You may tell yourself “it must be bad luck” or resort to blaming others, but the bottom line is, if the unconscious decision or emotion is there, the pattern will not change. You will continue to manifest circumstances that hinder what you really want, even though it may just look like “circumstances are out of your control.” Therefore, even though consciously you may want change with your well being, career, money, relationships or behaviour you will unconsciously keep recreating situations that you don’t want because of your unconscious hidden sabotages. Tell a friend

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