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NOTE: Make sure you click on the “INSIGHT READING TAB” above on this profile to gain another elevated perspective; greater understanding and insights.

Intention:         To live your own identity without ‘taking on’ other people’s stuff or feeling the need to shut off to be able to cope.

Result:              Living the true ‘Art Form’ of detachment which is remaining heart-centred while still being empowered.

DETACHMENT Mastery Aromatic Essence helps you to expand your people skills and be friendly to all and to be objective in times of emotional turmoil. It will strengthen your sense of individuality and help you determine your goals. It can also help to gain greater awareness to the group consciousness and your connection with others.

Use this Mastery Essence when you are prone to taking on other peoples issues or when you get bogged down with your own.  It can assist you to clear blockages within so you can engage with people, keep your heart open and still own your own journey.  You no longer have to shut yourself off or just try to cope or be aloof for your perceived self-protection. Instead you can stay connected with people and be present without the need to absorb or take on their negative attitude or emotional “stuff”. 

Detachment Mastery Essence can facilitate you to master this skill as a natural state and you effortlessly interact with people so that a relaxed positive rapport takes place between you.  Even if at times the connection isn’t to your liking you can still remain present, have empathy and know how to respond so that a genuine exchange is fostered.  This provides a healthy platform for you and the people in your life to operate from, where you can all enjoy an authentic and caring liaison.

Otherwise you can drift through life creating lots of associations that only fit your criteria and you can miss out on attaining deeper more meaningful relationships.  Or you create lots of “hangers on” in your life which end up being an energy drain.

You may also find people close to you can be disappointed with your distance and blocking of the free flow of energy between you and them.  They can feel judged or unsupported because of it.  They may perceive this emotive reaction as you don’t care or they are not important to you. 

The DETCHAMENT Mastery Essence can support you to dissolve this subtle but debilitating disposition so that your inner growth is developed and extended at a whole new level in your life.  Real inner enjoyment and ease with self-expression can be a natural occurrence because you are able to stay connected within yourself and with others at the same time; you don’t have to shut yourself off because you feel uncomfortable (often this is your shadow side coming up to be addressed).   Use this Mastery Essence if things are not to your liking, not important to you or your own blocks are being triggered and your normal emotive reaction is to pull away

Using this Mastery Aromatic Essence can provide what’s necessary to clear and shift resistance, inconsistencies or blocks to ensure optimum results.

Accompanying this Mastery Essence is the matching Profile Card that provides the precise Mind-Body-Soul Affirmation and Key Words to accelerate your transformational process. 

To ensure you achieve the best outcome follow the 2 simple steps on bottle and profile card.  Clear your blocks and move forward in your life with ease.  Please buy here NOW



INNER INSIGHT Mastery Reading

When then DETACHMENT card comes up in your INNER INSIGHT Mastery Reading it can indicate a need to allow your inventive side or uniqueness to grow and flourish.   This could relate to a new and unique concept you undertake or it could relate to creating a different network of people to connect with.  On a larger scale this may be both of these ideas coming together. However this card proposes it’s time to connect with yourself and others in a new and innovative way.

It also suggests that you may have to detach from wanting a particular outcome regarding a particular matter.  Or possibly it could mean that you may be involved with a larger network of like-minded people and it will be important to be able to keep your own identity within the group for this to be a positive and rewarding experience.

This Mastery Essence supports this process so you successfully hold true to yourself while still being engaged and connected with everyone else.  It’s all about you being able to manage and reap the rewards of these interactions and contacts so that your own identity within the group thrives.

Accompanying this Mastery Essence is the matching Profile Card that provides the precise Mind-Body-Soul Affirmation and Key Words to accelerate your transformation process.

To ensure you achieve the best outcome follow the 2 simple steps on bottle and Profile Card.  Clear your blocks and move forward with ease.  Please buy here NOW

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