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Heart & Soul Union Essence


Intention:                     Celebrate your life together and enjoy deepening your loving union with each other.

Focus:                          The aim of the HEART & SOUL UNION Signature Essence is to bring forth the true essence of this intimate relationship and for your sacred union to be expressed and experienced in your everyday life.

Level 2 (1 bottle – 50ml each, for 2 people)

How wonderful would it be have access to the “knowing place” deep within?   How good would it be, knowing that all is well for you and your prime relationship regardless of what shows up in the external world?  Accessing this natural state is nothing short of true union within yourself and ultimately with each other.  This HEART & SOUL UNION Signature Essence has been specially designed for people in a significant intimate relationship, in particular for a couple who desire to connect on all levels.  This type of relationship signifies the higher aspects of “Marriage” where two individuals come together on many levels, physically, sexually, intimately, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. 

Using this essence is not recommended for a ‘fly by night” or “fling” type relationship.  The greatest benefit will be for two people who want to foster a long lasting and healthy relationship.  The HEART & SOUL UNION Signature Essence will help a relationship to grow and blossom.  For those in an established relationship it will help to enhance and strengthen your commitment and compatibility. 

Use your unique HEART & SOUL UNION Signature Essence to assist you.  Connect at a soul level and create a deeper appreciation of knowing that this is where you both choose to be.  Foster and enhance deep love and joy to unfold effortlessly for yourself, for your special partner and within your intimate union.

Using this Mastery Aromatic Essence can provide what’s necessary to clear and shift resistance, inconsistencies or blocks to ensure optimum results.

Accompanying this Mastery Essences is a unique personalised message and matching Profile Card that provides the precise Mind-Body-Soul Affirmation and Key Words to accelerate your transformational process.

To ensure you achieve the best outcome follow the 2 simple steps on bottle and profile card.  Clear your blocks and move forward in your life with ease.  Please buy here NOW


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