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Mother & Child Essence


Intention:                     Enhance a loving, nurturing and extra special bonding experience for your both.

Focus:                          The aim of the MOTHER & CHILD Signature Essence is to bring forth the true essence of the loving bond with you and your child and for this treasured state to be a reality in your everyday life.

Level 2 (1 bottle – 50ml each, for 2 people)

A mother’s love for her child is unconditional, yet at times the stresses of everyday life can take their toll.   Even though a mother may adore her child she can feel disillusioned, confused and often in overwhelm.

Sometimes things can go wrong during pregnancy, the birthing process or perhaps unpleasant memories from her own childhood can affect how well she bonds with her precious offspring.  These things can cause a deep void, an empty feeling within that can be hard to fill or understand. 

Use the uniquely your’s MOTHER AND CHILD Signature Essence to assist you.  The quality of your relationship with your child is directly related to your ability to feel 100% comfortable with the “inner mother” and “inner child” within.  When you are healed, resolved and in union with these aspects you are automatically in an empowered state of “knowing” and well being.  This sacred place builds a strong foundation from which you and your cherished child can be loved and nurtured.  A strong foundation is maintained for you both to learn and grow together.  All your interactions will thrive and flourish for deep joy and fulfilment to be expressed and experienced.

Using this Mastery Aromatic Essence can provide what’s necessary to clear and shift resistance, inconsistencies or blocks to ensure optimum results.

Accompanying this Mastery Essences is a unique personalised message and matching Profile Card that provides the precise Mind-Body-Soul Affirmation and Key Words to accelerate your transformational process.

To ensure you achieve the best outcome follow the 2 simple steps on bottle and profile card.  Clear your blocks and move forward in your life with ease.  Please buy here NOW


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