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NOTE: Make sure you click on the “INSIGHT READING TAB” above on this profile to gain another elevated perspective; greater understanding and insights.

Intention:         To eliminate conscious or unconscious self-sabotage and resolve past trauma, grief or guilt that may be causing it.

Result:              Living “Your Highest Good” aligned with choices that support a peaceful and optimistic outcome.

HOMEWARD Mastery Aromatic Essence helps you to eliminate self-sabotage due to past trauma that you may or may not be aware of. 

Buried feelings of grief or guilt can cause insidious unworthiness issues that may continually play out. 

This can happen due to you unconsciously not wanting unresolved pain to resurface or be triggered.  These feelings can run deep and you would most likely not be aware of them, however they can still be driving you at an unconscious level. 

Due to not wanting to revisit these entrenched emotions you can unknowingly make decisions that will ensure you don’t experience this suffering again (ie the residue of past pain in the cellular memory still acts as a hidden driver). 

If anything seems remotely related to this deep-seated pain you may avoid it at all cost.  None of this is conscious or logical so it is quite hard to detect. If you knew why, what and how you were sabotaging yourself you wouldn’t.  The very nature of self-sabotage is that you do not purposely set out to do it; it is an innate unconscious perceived self-preservation response.

This HOMEWARD Mastery Aromatic Essence can assist you to finally find that place deep within where you can just relax and know everything is going to be alright; where you naturally feel nurtured and supported from within.

This new road you now travel provides the answers easily and succinctly, for a powerful and insightful way of living to take place. 

You no longer have to feel as though you will be thwarted or unduly affected by what you choose.  Any irrational reactions to situations or people can subside and the over-drive personality traits due to fear of certain outcomes or scenarios can be alleviated. 

Also the possible predisposition of creating friction or angst that prevents certain things from happening can be resolved.  It's important to realise that the abovementioned limited character traits would most likely be quite subtle and you would probably have well thought out explanations and rationalisations to why you do any of them. 

However, it's necessary to dig deeper within to uncover any Soul blockage, emotional pain, fear or insecurities.  As you use this Mastery Essence you no longer have to feel like you want to avoid or escape from situations or keep going down the same track that leads you to where you don’t want to be.  Moving forward in the right direction "for you" in life becomes easier. 

The origin of this past unresolved pain can be pertinent to you during your gestation period; your birth or in your childhood – remember when you are very young, things can seem much more overwhelming and painful due to you not having the resources within  to process them properly. 

Therefore, what may not seem a big deal to you now could still have a major impact on you in the present; when you are carrying residual energy it may affect how you perceive things, respond, attract and create in the world. These blocks could also be relevant to a past life scenario.

This Mastery Essence can also assist you to align more fully with your Higher Self any fragmented connection you may have had with the your Higher Self can be cleared. 

A new found awareness of your Spiritual Self, your Higher Mind aligned with your everyday living becomes more congruent.  Greater awareness, resolve and ease can transpire. 

There is a core sense of “all is well” and you can let go and enjoy what's presented to you each day with wholeness and peaceful awareness.

Please note - that all the above information may appear irrelevant to you when you first read it.  This can be part of your inner saboteur “doing its thing”.  Be mindful of this, trust the process, your Higher Self, your subconscious together with your connection to the universal mind.  

Have faith in how you have been guided to receive this powerful insight.  Be receptive to this message to support your inner journey.

Allow yourself to process beyond your past limitations and self-sabotage cycles.  Choose your higher path to “discover your way home” within and ultimately your life generally.

Using this Mastery Aromatic Essence can provide what’s necessary to clear and shift resistance, inconsistencies or blocks to ensure optimum results.

To ensure you achieve the best outcome follow the 2 simple steps on bottle.  Clear your blocks and move forward in your life with ease.  Please buy here NOW


INNER INSIGHT Mastery Reading

When the HOMEWARD card comes up in your INNER INSIGHT Mastery Reading it can indicate that you're either consciously or unconsciously sabotaging yourself. 

This is usually a self-protection mechanism for your perceived survival.  

This's an extreme explanation in this modern world, however HOMEWARD indicates somewhere within your cellular memory and neural pathways there is residual energy from a past trauma that is still affecting you. 

When you use the HOMEWARD Mastery Essence it can support you to deal with the block that is causing it, so this stifling character trait doesn’t continue. 

The cause would be deeply hidden and often quite irrational or seemingly unrelated which means you can dismiss it without realising its affect. 

Or there may be a slight glimpse or inkling of what's causing the sabotage, but you are unable to know exactly how it directly affects you and therefore you don’t know how to stop it.

Self-sabotage is something that if you knew what, why and when you were self-sabotaging you wouldn’t do it. 

The only indication or evidence that there is a past unresolved issue blocking you is that until it is resolved, a perpetual cycle of blocks, preventing you from attaining what you truly would like or what you aspire to seems to reoccur.

This self-sabotage block can create incredible control dramas, stress and unhappy outcomes. 

Use this Mastery Essence to resolve this predisposition of “getting in your own way” so you no longer need to live with perceived problems or issues and you can move forward in life with more ease, adventure and fulfilment.

Having greater alignment with your Higher Self is also encouraged and using HOMEWARD is recommended.  It's specifically formulated to facilitate your Higher Self connection. 

Allow the analogy of “what is above so it is below” to be your mantra. 

Use the HOMEWARD Mastery Essence to assist you to clear away resistance or inconsistencies regarding living your ”Higher Path” so you enjoy doing so as a natural occurrence in your everyday life.

To ensure you achieve the best outcome follow the 2 simple steps on bottle.  Clear your blocks and move forward with ease.  Please buy here NOW

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