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Energy Enhancement Blueprint



Cleanse and Align Environmental Energy Flow


How to ‘Be in Flow;’ ‘Be In-Tune;’ ‘Be in the Zone’ or ‘Divine Flow;’

For your information please scroll to the end of the below information to find out about the

activation properties of this Blueprint….

This powerful “ENERGY ENHANCEMENT Blueprint” (EEB) is yours to use anywhere and at any time to promote a free flow of energy in your environment.

Quantum science recognises there are various frequencies and vibrations that make up a Human Being which are known as a person’s living Energy Matrix or Magnetic Field and is often commonly referred to as your Energy Body. 

When you understand that you are ultimately made up of energy and your physical body resonates at a certain rate that creates matter and your Energy Body is made up of a faster more refined rate of energy you can utilise this awareness to experience greater flow and personal empowerment.

For example when you are peaceful your energy matrix resonates and is aligned to higher frequencies.  When you are angry or unwell your frequency is hindered and vibrates at a disharmonious slower rate. 

Therefore because you are made up of different levels of energy that can work in harmony together or repel each other in varying degrees your inner state of wellbeing and flow of energy is directly affected by your external environment at any given time and this can make a huge difference to the quality of how you experience life.

Your thoughts, feelings, emotions and the health of your physical body all interact; they are able to flow into each other and are connected.  Your unique Energy Body has its own intelligence which is connected to your immediate environment and beyond which is known as the Mass Consciousness.

By influencing your surroundings (whether it be harmonious or not) you can impact your perceptions, experiences and what you attract into your life generally.

From a spiritual perspective the “EEB” connects with the sacral chakra (around belly button area) where the inner symbol of “The Womb of Creation” and “Creative Spirit” resides within you energetically.

The “EEB” can facilitate this energy vortex which ripples into every other chakra, meridian and your whole living energy matrix.  This facilitates you to be open and receptive to Mother Earth’s heart centred grid system.

It assists you to resonate with the creative, nurturing and honouring aspects of her energy within you.  By fully aligning your personal power with the potent natural energy force of Mother Earth an expansive enhanced energetic blueprint can be formed within your personal Energy Body (matrix).

When you are peaceful and centred your energy matrix is automatically aligned with these higher frequencies which are then more receptive to allowing the external free flow of energy to support your experience.  

You are able to resonate to greater awareness, purity of mind and balanced emotions so your physical body is in union to experience improved wellbeing and attract what you desire more easily. 

When the opposite occurs you can feel blocked, out of sync, emotionally unsettled or unwell which indicates the frequency of your Energy Body’s (matrix) is hindered in some way and is vibrating at a slower rate so there is more stress, limited thinking and negativity present within and around you.

The symbols on the “EEB” contain a refined high (frequency) rate of energy that possesses a pure intent which has a gentle, subtle yet potent influence with your relationship to the earth’s magnetic crystalline grid system. 

You use the EEB whenever you want help to support a free flow of energy around you and your surroundings.  This makes the flow more streamlined so you can respond to this energy dynamic and align with the Earth’s natural flow which in-turn connects to the Universal Mind’s Energetic high frequency grid systems. 

You may recognise or refer to this as ‘Being in Flow’ ‘Being in Tune’, ‘Being in the Zone’ or ‘Divine Flow’.

To get started please order NOW and enjoy the process!

How & When to Use the Energy Blueprint  

There are lots of easy and simple ways to use the “EEB” to cleanse, enhance and unlock the environment’s flow of energy -

The following are some suggestions for you to consider –

  • Promote healing and relaxation – Place under your mattress, bed or massage table
  • Promote focus and release stress – Place at work station on computer, the floor or desk
  • Promote clarity and creativity – Place in class room or learning places especially when creativity is desired
  • Promote a peaceful space – Place in the home, car or office
  • Promote a deeper energy cleanse - Place outside shower screen or bath
  • Promote a free “Flowing Spirit” throughout your day - Carry with you in your handbag, luggage or similar
  • Avoid jet lag and travel stress – Place on seat in aeroplane or in hotel rooms
  • Promote a calm environment for children - Place in their bedroom, school or learning environments
  • Promote good morale and sense of ease – Place in work or study places
  • Promote transformation - Place in personal growth coaching or group work environments (under massage and body work stations)
  • Promote a serene space – Place under you or your feet during meditation
  • Promote soothing space – Place nearby to support the labour process and for little bubs to settle and feel at ease.
  • Promote a positive “feel good” vibe – Place in a location that you want to sell or rent quickly and receive a good price


Let me know if you have any other useful suggestions with how to use the “ENERGY ENHANCEMENT Blueprint.” 

I would love you to hear from you Contact Us  link to contact us page and share on our Facebook Page

To get started please order NOW and enjoy the process!

Accelerate Results

Use the AUSTRALIAN Aromatic Essences mentioned below in conjunction with the “ENERGY ENHANCEMENT Blueprint.”

The AUSTRALIAN Aromatic Essences can facilitate you to eliminate and transform emotive, mindset or soul blockages that may hinder the “ENERGY ENHANCEMENT Blueprint’s” full effectiveness. 

You can use one, two or all three of the below mentioned recommended Mastery Essences depending on your level of blockage and what you are drawn to. 

To enhance and accelerate you personal progress, the three Mastery Essences mentioned are particularly useful when working with the EEB so you are able to obtain and maintain optimum results.

NOTE: When you use more than one Mastery Essence at the same time instead of 3 sprays 3 times a day you only require 3 sprays twice daily.

The EEB is designed to unblock and enhance the environmental free flow of energy which indirectly affects your personal flow. 

However, if there are blockages within your Energy Body Intelligence (these act as pebbles and sometimes boulders depending on the level of blockage) this will affect you “Being” in the ideal aligned place to receive full benefit from the EEB’s effectiveness.

JOY Mastery Essence transforms your emotive resistance and emotional blockages which directly impacts the MINDSET & SOUL energy dynamic within you for a holistic process of transformation to take place.

 JOY - EMOTION MASTERY                    learn more

SANCTUARY Mastery Essence transforms your mindset resistance and mental blockages which directly impacts the EMOTION & SOUL energy dynamic within you for a holistic process of transformation to take place.


GODDESS Mastery Essence transforms your Soul’s resistance and spiritual blockages which directly impacts the EMOTION & MINDSET energy dynamic within you for a holistic process of transformation to take place.        

GODDESS - SOUL MASTERY      learn more

Each Mastery Essence comes with its own matching Affirmation, however when you are working with the ENERGY ENHANEMENT Blueprint select ONE of the following Affirmations that you most resonate with for what you wish to achieve. 

These Mastery Essences are specifically tailored to open you up energetically to work with the “ENERGY ENHANCEMENT Blueprint more easily.”

It is ideal to utilise one of the below Affirmations plus the matching Affirmation that comes with the Mastery Essence(s) you use. 


This is following through in the best way possible; if you are drawn to doing something different just make sure it’s not a hidden self-saboteur getting in the way.  Sometimes this can happen and the guidelines given here will ensure you are able to override that eventuating.

Repeat the below chosen Affirmation 3 times looking into mirror twice or 3 times a day depending on the number of Mastery Essence you are using.

This makes a difference to your result because your intent and focus is aligned with the EEB’s natural energy flow taking place more easily.

1. I live in EFFORTLESS FLOW and enjoy the abundance, freedom, love and vitality this gives me.

2.  I live IN-TUNE and enjoy the abundance, freedom, love and vitality this gives me.

3.  I live in the ZONE and enjoy the abundance, freedom, love and vitality this gives me.

4.  I live in the DIVINE FLOW and enjoy the abundance, freedom, love and vitality this gives me.


Live your full potential and create the life your Desire and Deserve!

Warm regards

Christine M Long


NOTE: Original Energy Enhancement Blueprint contains active symbols and alchemical properties.  Therefore if you print out blueprint from website it will not possess the important live synergy of the visible and activation symbols that are on the original copy mailed to you once ordered.

To get started please order NOW and enjoy the process!


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