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SANCTUARY Synergy Melts


SANCTUARY Synergy Melt (3 Melts in Pack)

Enliven….cleanse and restore you & your Environment

Other similar products available in the market use chemical waxes and synthetic aromas which are toxic to you and your precious family.

Description: C:\Users\Anewyou\Documents\BACK UP Q 11.9.12\Pictures\AAE MELTS\IMG_0783.JPGThe SANCTUARY Synergy Melts assists with maintaining harmony within your external environment and inner self.

When the inner you and your surroundings are in synergy you are more easily balanced and grounded. 

As the SANCTUARY Synergy Melts clear your environment, breathe in the exquisite aroma and immerse in the nurturing and relaxing qualities.

You are able to experience a calm natural flow with how you and those around you respond and functionA centred disposition organically results. 

The life giving aroma of each melt lasts for up to 25 hours or more so you can nourish your psycho-physical wellbeing 24/7!

They are a great help when you want to uplift and cleanse your surroundings; ideal in your home, at work or during personal or group meditation sessions.

Also an excellent tool for holistic practitioners who want to ensure their work space is energetically clear and to be able to create a peaceful relaxed ambience for their clients.

Unlike other inferior products in the market place our special melts DO NOT contain:  Palm wax, petroleum, paraffin or beeswax, pesticides or herbicides, toxic materials, genetically modified material or chemical colours and fragrances.

SANCTUARY Synergy Melts are made from the finest and purest ingredients –

·       Synergistic energised formula of therapeutic grade & organic essential oils

·       Pure essential oils that contain anti-viral and ant-bacterial constituents

·       Longer, cooler & cleaner burning with no soot build-up

        ·       Easy to clean wax up with soap and hot water

·       Very stable allowing for long shelf life

·       100% biodegradable & eco-friendly

·       100% pure soybean vegetable oil

·       Hand poured with loving care

·       Not subject to animal testing

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Suggested use: Place melt in bowl of a candle or electric essential oil burner.  Re-use melt until there is no more aroma; up to 25hrs or more. Enjoy!

Warning: Not to be taken internally. Avoid applying directly onto skin once heated, contact with eyes and when pregnant. Do not use the product if you are allergic to pure essential oils. Keep out of reach of Children and ensure a naked flame is never left unattended by a responsible adult.  Disclaimer:   Formulations do not diagnose, treat or cure disease and are not a substitute for medical treatment.

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