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  • SANCTUARY Synergy Blend 15ml


SANCTUARY Synergy Blend 15ml



A Gift fo lift your Spirit!

Create a Sacred Space Within and Around You and Live with greater Ease and Flow. 

The ‘inner you’ is reflected out  into the world and impacts your environment and the "outer world" responds back to you.  


And vice versa your external environment influences your inner world.

Therefore when the inner you and your surroundings are aligned and balanced you can maintain harmony


  • Breathe in Sanctuary Synergy Blend's beautiful aroma; relax into its nurturing and balancing qualities as it uplifts and feeds you psycho-physically.
  • Energise and equalize you with your surroundings so you're grounded, centred and in union with it's regenerative qualities
  • The SANCTUARY Synergy Blend is perfect to use at home, work or during labour to nourish and regenerate your Mind Body and Soul.



  • Other similar products in the market place often use chemicals or artificial scents whicn can be toxic to you and your environment. 
  • SANCTUARY Synergy Blend contains high grade natural anti-viral and anti-bacterial constituents and pure essential oils.
  • It's 100% eco-friendly so you can feel assured that you're caring for you, your home, family and environment.
  • It does not contain any modified material, chemicals or colours and ….

+ Smells Divine! 

Enhance Your Surroundings:

The SANCTUARY Pure Synergy Blend’s delicate aroma imbues a tranquil presence and is specially formulated to provide a calm and serene space.

When harmony is present in your surroundings you experience greater wellbeing for yourself and those you interact with.

This life giving energised formula's finely-tuned synergy of 100% pure and natural ingredients (therapeutic grade & organic) is an invaluable asset to enrich your personal wellbeing, home or workplace. 

SANCTUARY Synergy Blend improves the ambience of your surroundings while it also assists relaxation and rejuvenates psycho-physically.

As the exquisite aroma flows throughout your environment  it calms and sets the mood for a peaceful presence.

It acts as a gentle yet powerful catalyst that shifts stuck heavy, dark and menacing feelings so you can realign and become composed and centred once again. Ideal at difficult times of stress or upset  for example a great asset during labour or during tense communication.

Tip: Enhance Selling or Leasing Property:

Use to creatr an inviting, warm and welcoming atomopshere to your home or property: this is especially useful when you want to sell or lease it for the best price as quickly as possible.


It's invaluable when you want to experience a tranquil, peaceful family interaction.

This pure synergy of nature’s finest ingredients is excellent to use during family time  - especially when your significant other comes home after a long day and they desire a quiet positive space to replenish.

The SANCTUARY Synergy Blend is a good all round tool for uplfiting yourself, the whole family (no matter what age or gender).  It's perfect when the atmosphere needs to be calmed, uplifted or enhanced. 

Tip: Dab a drop or 2 on -

  • Wrist Pulse Points - Calms and Uplifts 

  • Heart Area - Centres and Balances

  • Back of Neck - Releases Tension 

  • Middle of Brow - Quietens an over-active mind

  • Under Feet - Grounds and Relaxes

Enhance Auspicious Occasions:

Ideal to set the mood when you are entertaining and want to create a enjoyable interaction - perfect for Birthdays, Christmas and romantic dinners.


The SANCTUARY Synergy blend is great for calming children and for people who have trouble settling into experiencing a quality night’s sleep - for example parents with new borns, unsettled little-ones, shift workers or insomniacs.

An excellent idea is to place 1- 2 drops on your pillow before retiring then immerse yourself into the restful and relaxing properties throughout the night.

Note: For extra support and to invoke a blissful night’s sleep complement the SANCTUARY Synergy Blend with listening to the your favourite relaxing music. 

Use an ipod in bed if you have a tendency to wake during the night and find it hard to get back to sleep.  This prevents you  waking yourself even more by having to get out of bed.

One or two drops of SANCTUARY Synergy Blend on your pillow and/or wrists' pulse points and back of neck and forhead works like a treat for you to return to a serene sleep.

Following these simple tips improves the quality of your sleep so you wake refreshed because you've actually released the stress throughout the night.   Often we don't actually do this when we sleep and this is why we can wake still feeling tired and not refreshed.

Using the Sanctuary Synergy Blend assists you to let go of over-thinking and any tension so you sleep more soundly.You can then wake well rested and restored to face a new day.


Another tip is to add four (4) drops only for children and eight (8) drops only for adults in a bath (if a large bath 2 or 3 more drops is fine) and reap the calming, clearing and transformational qualities. 

“Feel the difference” as your body effortlessly lets go and replenishes; your bath experience can be taken to a whole new level. Be sure to not put the Synergy Blend in till the temperature of the bath is to your liking.  Very hot water will damage it's supportive properties.

It’s also a wonderful asset during the often chaotic and dreaded children’s bath time as it can transform this hectic time into a positive, pleasurable occasion for everyone.


  • SANCTUARY Synergy Blend is ideal for therapists or coaches to use on themselves, with clients before, during and after sessions, and in their work area.
  • This supreme concentrated formula’s potency supports the faciliation process and helps eliminate intense, onerous interactions.
  • This is an invaluable tool that eradicates malevolent feelings. It provides “Spiritual and Emotive Balance” that is immediate and ongoing..
  • This blend is ideal for intense or difficult interactions or to enhance the facilitation process with clients, colleagues or during meditation or prayer.  It's an excellent tool for Midwife's to have on hand for pre and post pregnancy and during labour.
  • It’s also useful for uplifting your consultation room and clinic or retreat to create a peaceful and harmonious space.
  • It's beneficial to use before, during and after meditation, healing sessions and workshops.  A perfect support to use for you, participants and the environment when preparing for sessions or alternatively to use fafter the work is finished. 


SANCTUARY Synergy Blend provides a wonderful complement to the other AUSTRALIAN Aromatic Essence Mastery formulations.

Using this exquisite blend provides what’s necessary to clear, support, enhance and transform you and your environment.

Accompanying this blend is the matching Profile Card that provides the precise Mind-Body-Soul Affirmation and Key Words to accelerate your transformational process. 

To ensure you achieve the best outcome use as suggested consistently for a powerful accumulative affect.   You're able to buy here NOW


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