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Business, Career & Entrepreneurs

"After only days of being on the CAREER Mastery Essence I was given extra responsibilities at work and the opportunity to step into a managers' position. It provided me confidence in my abilities which I needed after returning from maternity leave."


Sue (Quality Manager & mum)


"My struggle seems to be relinquishing.  I am letting go and things are changing in amazing ways.  As an entertainer I am landing ideal gigs and being paid more.  The frustration has gone and I feel like I am going in the right direction.  I seem to be taking my career to  whole new level.  As this unfolds I am able to allow more and move forward more easily with what I want and what is right    for me.  My life is more rewarding and fulfilling and I know this is just the beginning as I continue my Core Issue Elimination Technique work with Christine and using the AUSTRALIAN Aromatic Essences. Now I can look forward to where I am going and know the choices I make are right for me."


Leanne (Secondary Teacher & Entertainer)


"The YIN Mastery Essence is helping immensely"


Leela Director(Business Writers Anonymous)


"I had my annual appraisal at work and my Manager had noted that I was confident and at ease with myself and with others! Now that was a huge confirmation that I was definitely on track as that comment was virtually the same as the affirmation that accompanies the NURTURE Mastery Essence."


Jeanette Jackson(Administration Assistant)


"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for allowing the certainty to return back into my life. Over the last few months, I have been blocked, and challenged on a daily basis.  I have been finding the simplest tasks to be challenging. Once I had my reading, it allowed me to focus on what was missing, and with the using of the CERTAINTY Mastery Essence, removed my blocks over a very short period of time, to give me the freedom of re-capturing my focus, and decision making abilities. As a fellow business owner, with international and domestic responsibilities, it is vital that I have the ability of certainty in my life. The essences have enabled me to let go, and let live and have empowered me in my daily activities, and also in my personal life. What a great, fun and easy method; it is so quick and easy to use, and understand. I have no hesitations to recommend this product to anyone seeking the spiritual and empowerment connection to themselves, thus to enable them "to be all they are!" Get to know yourself again, it’s wonderful to meet me again."

Peter Howe (Osteopath)


"I am an artist.  I find the Australian Aromatic Essences Creativity Mastery Essence is fast and effective in dissolving energy blocks, enabling the creativity to surface with ease in an increasingly pure form.  I have been using the Aromatic Essences since their initial creation. I find them all amazingly effective.  I experience a noticeable and powerful results within 30 minutes and this continues for what is specifically relevant to me."


Marlene(Artist & Grandmother)



"I have been amazed at the results after several weeks of regular use of the ALCHEMY Mastery Essence.  I have not been stressed in certain situations where previously I had been feeling a lot of stress and discomfort.  My brother commented on the changes in me and how I was communicating more authentically; using the sprays keeps me on track and empowered."

Sue (PR Specialist)


"The essences have helped relieve the fear I was feeling and living I feel a lot more confident in making decisions for myself and life now. I am taking on more leadership positions within my career because of the new found clarity I have with decision making. I am in a totally new flow of life that is bringing in new opportunities within the music industry that I work in. My work and personal relationships are more honest, reliable, fun and easy going."


Geraint (Community Worker & Musician)


"The DISCERNMENT Mastery Essence was particularly powerful for me.  It seemed the choices I had made in my life, including my job, became highlighted and a focus while using this essence.  I suddenly began to question if my work was what I really wanted to do, and I discovered that I wanted to change to a different area of work.  With some planning I have since left my job and feel free in exploring a new line of work that is closer to my truer path in this life.  It has been one of the most nurturing decisions I have made and the essence definitely supported me through this.  No words can explain how powerful this change has been. The essences are intensely powerful.  Each essence I have used has promoted so much development in my life.  They have provided support in a way I never imagined possible.  I would recommend the essences to anyone."

Kate (Nurse)



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