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"I own a retail store and Natural Health Clinic which stocks the Australian Aromatic Essences. We have the full range of testers. When any of our staff, clients or customers are feeling upset or are struggling with an issue the first thing we do is reach for an essence. Time and time again we have sprayed a customer and told them a little about the essence and an hour or so later they come back to the store saying they can't believe how much better they feel and they purchase the spray. These gorgeous and powerful products easily sell themselves. We also use the essences on a daily basis to keep the energy in the shop and clinic clear and light. If business is quiet we spray Abundance and customers soon walk in the door. We love the magic these sprays create."


Alison Burton (Simply Natural)


"My energy levels are where they have never been before. I think more clearly each day and don't sweat the small stuff that I once entertained frequently. For anyone that is interested in being the best person they can be then these products are for you. These are part of my daily staples."


Michelle Mayer (Heal the Healer)


"During an energy balance I wasn't able to get permission to proceed with the healing, I tested up the client required HOMEWARD Aromatic Essence...for sabotage etc......., I sprayed 3 times and tested up again permission to proceed and yes was given in the muscle test......mid way through the balance we pin pointed some core this time the clients body was physically jumping each time the indicator muscle changed....again I wasn't able to test up further and dig deeper.....tested up the essences again ALCHEMY Aromatic Essence for transformation and breakthrough.....this took the balance to a whole new level and from the client afterwards was that she knew her energy was trying to control the balance and even said to me that I could have finished the balance at two stages during the balance and thanked me for persevering and facilitating the process to go deeper...... without the essences the client would have gained benefit from the balance...more on a surface level but not to the degree, depth, clarity and insight we were able to get to from using the essences."


Hayley (Sales Representative)

"The Australian Aromatic Essences are a wonder to behold. After a while, you realise how powerful the subtle changes to your life and yourself are and one day you realise there really is a new you!"

Raeleen (Hypnotherapist Practitioner)


"My journey so far with the AUSTRALIAN Aromatic Essences has been amazing. They have been of great assistance to me whilst I have been moving through many issues. The HOMEWARD Mastery Essence which came up for me through an INNER INSIGHT Mastery reading initially was the one that coincided with the residual clearing of a major life issue that I had finally decided to eliminate. I am truly grateful for the outcomes I achieved with the help of the HOMEWARD Mastery Essence as it proved to be a very life-changing Essence for me personally." 

Jeanette Jackson (Business Administrator )


"I have found Australian Aromatic Essences to be truly powerful tools which have bought about significant and miraculous transformation in my life. I have used these essences for close to 6 years. In 2004 I needed drastic change and fast, I suffered anxiety, my hair was thinning and I suffered debilitating migraines not to mention my lack of fulfilment with my career and financial situation. I started using the essence DISCERNMENT Mastery Essence, and extraordinary miracles occurred. The first miracle provided me with a career change and increased abundance within two months of using my essence. The second profound miracle involved attracting a doctor who discovered that my body was riddled with toxic metals causing debilitating migraines and thinning hair which no medical professional had previously discovered. I felt incredible and people commented on how good I looked. This year I needed to make change once again and new that the Australian Aromatic Essences would be essential for the journey. Strangely this time I was given a dream in which I required four essences; ABUNDANCE, DISCERNMENT, INTUITION and CERTAINTY Mastery Essences. Within one month the miracles started occurring, as they do with these powerful potions!! I attracted health professionals who shifted all physical ailments that were still persistent to the point where I was free of any existing physical condition. My career started taking wonderful new directions and I was filled with increased energy."

Sarah Plumstead 


BE (Before essences) I was stressed-out, unsure and lacking in confidence and clarity in my life's direction. I was very fearful of facing the truths in front of me and found the road ahead to be on a very very steep incline!
AE (After essences) I am calm and gentle in my approach towards others, myself and events in my life. I've used MANIFESTATION Mastery Essence to create my desires, COURAGE Mastery Essence to get moving towards my goals and INTUITION Mastery Essence to let go of the victim/martyr mentality. This has enabled me to move forward freely and easily and I feel worlds

apart from how I used to. I now use them as part of my personal growth and well being support regime, and also if ever I feel a little unclear or unsettled I just spray away!" 

Ellie (Graphic Designer)


"My struggle seems to be relinquishing.  I am letting go and things are changing in amazing ways.  As an entertainer I am landing ideal gigs and being paid more.  The frustration has gone and I feel like I am going in the right direction.  I seem to be taking my career to  whole new level.  As this unfolds I am able to allow more and move forward more easily with what I want and what is right    for me.  My life is more rewarding and fulfilling and I know this is just the beginning as I continue my Core Issue Elimination Technique work with Christine and using the AUSTRALIAN Aromatic Essences. Now I can look forward to where I am going and know the choices I make are right for me."


Leanne (Secondary Teacher & Entertainer)


"In my role as a massage therapist I have been using SANCTUARY Mastery Essence in my treatment rooms and have found that I don’t get tired after giving daily treatments. Whereas some of my colleagues do find their energy levels drop after a long day. I find the essences help clear the energy in the room, helping my work and enhance the benefits of the massage treatment for my clients. I also use specific essences for certain clients and find the alignment of the essence to the client’s mind state prior to treatment is incredibly accurate."


Leah Baker (Reiki & Massage Therapist)


" I have had the pleasure of using and watching AAE evolve over the last 7 years. What I love about the essences is their ease of use and powerful connection to yourself. In my busy life it's sometimes easy to forget 'the whole me' that is present and the essences are great for reconnecting to the 'whole me' experience. I love using the affirmations that relate to each individual essence as these powerful statements and the essences help align you quicker to being and living in this state.

At times life feels frustrating and confusing and I feel stuck in ways I don't know how to move through. When I've decided enough is enough I begin using an AAE to help shift the block and allow me to see things much clearer and make better life decisions. I find when my energy system is unblocking and flowing smoother from the essences, my life and issues in life are resolved easier and things flow smoother, and I find I have greater insight and connection to all that is. I like to call the AAE my auric medicine! I also love using them when I'm meditating as they help create that special space and allow for a deeper experience. And of course it goes without saying that a happy healthy mother creates that environment for their family. I find that my home environment certainly improves when I'm looking after my 'whole self' ”


Marnie McGaffin (Mum & Business Owner)


"I used the AAE essences right through my pregnancy and still continue to do so after my son’s birth.  I keep discovering new levels of awareness and contentment.  The transition from being a career focused women to being a mum and then the inner conflict of returning to work after 12 months has been much easier than I anticipated.  I am enjoying all aspects of my life.  The essences have helped me clear blockages so I can manage the work / life balance really well." 



"I want you to know how powerfully your essences have affected my life. It is amazing to me how much easier money and other issues flow these days. I like this change." 


Beth Ann Halumn USA


"I wanted to create a peaceful and nurturing environment for the birth of my son.  I sprayed the SANCTUARY Mastery Essence all over the birthing suite.  Our birth was natural, drug free, short and exceeded all of my expectations.  Throughout our hospital stay, I burnt the Sanctuary oil in our room.  All the staff commented how peaceful and lovely our room felt every time they entered.  We were known as the ‘relaxed’ mother and ‘easy’ baby of the floor.  To this day my son is an easy baby."



"After experiencing the transformation, healing and fulfilment in which Australian Aromatic Essences have precipitated, I now incorporate these essences as part of me daily routine, second to food and water. I don't have time to waste; I know through personal experience that these Mastery Essences will keep me in correct alignment, vital and abundant whilst assisting in the manifestation of ALL my wildest dreams. Thank you Christine for providing these extraordinary transformational tools."


Sarah(Child Carer & Photographer)


"My laptop has a tendency to freeze often and regularly.   Sunday night it froze while using it sitting on my bed, first instinct was I looked at the essences sitting on my bedroom table and thought…mmm…computer needs FLEXIBILITY Mastery Essence.  Sprayed aura of computer (way up high above it) and within a few minutes the computer un-froze itself and started working. In the past it would have taken until the next day before it started working by itself." 



"The reading and essences are already making a difference I have had a crushing headache all day until I came home and sprayed the LIFEFORCE Mastery Essence.  Almost instantly my headache disappeared."


Rebecca Quinn


"10 Minutes after my partner used the COURAGE Mastery Essence he said ”I think I want to go for a bike ride around the lake”…as he was leaving he says ”mmm, think I might do two laps”…which is 5 km each lap. That’s being energised and motivated!" 


Andy Campbell (Business Owner & Amateur Athlete)


"My Mother went away wedding planning with my sister and took her PASSION Mastery Essence. When it started to become too stressful, she used her spray and noticed an immediate shift with her behaviour." 

Hayley – Sales Rep  


"Within the first few days of using the ABUNDANCE Mastery Essence spray, I noticed a steady stream of complements – I may receive some from time to time but this was an “abundance” complements.

  • You are special
  • You handle stress well
  • You’re always positive and cheerful
  • Your hair’s nice
  • You have lovely nails
  • You have lovely handwriting

and from my boss who I have worked for 5 years, and I don’t think I have ever heard him pay anyone a complement, says to me  “I love your writing.” ....It was amazing.  One of the patients gave me $5 to buy some coffee for myself; I had $9 on a Tattslotto scratchy card, $15 cash back on something I purchased, and received a 15% discount voucher.....I have been able to pay and extra payment on my car also... Things just seem to be going better. "

Pauline Fox (Medical Receptionist)


"After about a week of using the spray I had my friend’s 40th birthday party to go to. I found myself at my very best. Very positive and motivating with what I was saying. I had people say to me that I was glowing and to keep doing what I was doing as it was working. I definitely felt a sense of total acceptance within myself which was very comforting."

Julie Boles  


"Using the essences has been wonderful. Whenever I'm feeling low or a bit flat I always work with the appropriate essences and take a moment to inhale them and allow their energy to start working with me.   The aromas are amazing and help get me back on track. As I use them as directed they help me work through any issues that arise and make sure that I stay true to my higher self." 


Leora Wrobeski


"I have been using the COMMUNICATION Mastery Essence.  It prompted open and honest discussions between my husband and I especially on the more difficult subjects.  In one area in particular we cleared a block that had been present for a number of years."

Sue (Mother & Quality Manager)


"When I was using HOMEWARD Mastery Essence to address a deep core past life trauma it was sitting on my ensuite shelf as I was just ready to use it, I heard a clink sound, the bottom of the bottle had cracked it was a clear message to me that it was working well for what I needed at the time 2nd time when I was working on another past life there was a wet patch underneath the bottle that had just happened, once again it seemed to be working on many levels for me quite amazing really."


Bernadette Lewis


"I felt an amazing effect from the HONESTY Mastery Essence. I had struggled for a long time with speaking honestly and truthfully for myself. It wasn’t until I started using this essence that I fully realised how much I was holding back what I really wanted to say and do. The essence seemed to bring this issue to light and suddenly it was no longer possible or useful to not be clear or honest in my communication. I have since had specific conversations with my sister and my closest friend and it has made the world of difference to our relationships. This essence is fantastic."

Kate (Community Worker & Nurse)


"I am amazed at the changes the BODY IMAGE Mastery Essence has made to the way I feel about myself. I have always had a very poor image of my body, however since using the essence, I now feel much more confident within myself and in social situations.  I highly recommend the BODY IMAGE Essence to anybody that doesn't feel comfortable about how they look.  Or has a negative perception of their body. "



"I was drawn to use COURAGE Mastery Essence due to a wonderful male friend coming into my life. This was a big step for me after experiencing an extraordinary marriage with my late husband. Using this essence enabled me to have the “courage” to be receptive to this new opportunity in my life and to be able to discuss things in a very courageous open way with my new friend."


"I have also understood that I have a tendency to focus on my own agenda and lose touch with my spiritual connections, the essences, affirmations and teachings that came with the session were just the thing to put me back on track and so when the CLARITY Aromatic Essences is finished, I would like to continue with another. "


"My relationship with my fiancé just feels easier since using the Illumination Mastery Essence."


"NURTUREMastery Essencebrings vital life messages without words. "

Anonymous at Expo


"I must admit that after you gave me a sample of your CLARITY Mastery Essence to spray on the Saturday afternoon, all I could think about was how I wanted to be with my family and that I was missing my kids!  It really worked and showed me where I needed to be!  I decided to take a breather on the Sunday and spend quality time with the family. "

Vickie (Mum and Resume and Career Goals Specialist)


"All this Christmas "stuff" seemed overwhelming following the wonderful time away, however after using the HONESTY Mastery Essence it has all just flowed with ease after all the processing in the first week home. "



"CLARITY Mastery Essence is fabulous when you have to get clear in the moment I forgot where I put my car keys (which I do quite often), and I had an important meeting to attend frantically I searched high and low for 15 mins I thought I would have to cancel my appointment then I saw my CLARITY bottle sprayed myself and I was then guided to look under my quilt cover, and there they were thank goodness for CLARITY. "

Bernadette Lewis


"After using HOMEWARD Mastery Essence for a week or so it was the first time I woke in the morning without the “dark cloud feeling” that I had been carrying for the past 7 years after my husband (my Soul Mate) past. I notice every day now, I am feeling more optimistic and enjoying my life generally. I have always had a wonderful loving family as support, but I can now take pleasure and receive them at a whole new level. I seem to have let go of the deep grief that over shadowed me for so long. Thank goodness for these amazing essences they have enriched my life more than I can explain. "



“My struggle seems to be relinquishing.  I am letting go and things are changing in amazing ways.  As an entertainer I am landing ideal gigs and being paid more.  The frustration has gone and I feel like I am going in the right direction.  I seem to be taking my career to whole new level.  As this unfolds I am able to allow more and move forward more easily with what I want and what is right for me.  My life is more rewarding and fulfilling and I know this is just the beginning as I continue my Core Issue Elimination Technique work with Christine and using the AUSTRALIAN Aromatic Essences.” Now I can look forward to where I am going and know the choices I make are right for me. "

Leanne Secondary Teacher & Entertainer


"I understood that I had a tendency to focus on my own agenda and lose touch with my spiritual connections, and the essences, affirmations and teachings that came with the session were just the thing to put me back on track and so when the Clarity Aromatic Essence is finished, I would like to continue with another. "




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