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INNER INSIGHT Mastery Party Testimonials

"I use these products everyday anyway, but it was fun to share them with everyone on the day and interact.  I spray the essence formulation I am working with in the morning before work, after work and before bed.  Also I add them to my bath and before bed I listen to one of the 15 min tracks on the Divine Direction Meditation CD on my iPod.  This ensures I sleep soundly and feel more refreshed when I wake the next day.  I pick a card from the Divine Direction Oracle Cards most days to set my highest intention for the day. Doing these few simple things regularly helps me move through each day smoothly and enjoy life more!"


HP Kinesiologist & Sales Rep


 "I really enjoyed the party. Christine is knowledgeable, informative and interesting in her observations.  The essences are Divine.  I love the way the apparent randomness brings up exactly what each person needed at the time." 


Leanne Watson (Entrepreneur & Mum)


"Everyone loves to catch up with friends; I enjoyed the party, it was relaxing, fun, insightful and a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon!  The Inner Insight Party is a niche concept like no other. The insight I gained from the afternoon prepared me to deal with personal situations I was dealing with at the time and helped replenish my energy."  




"These parties are an excellent alternative to the Homeware, Clothes and Jewellery Parties for a point of difference to share with your friends and loved ones that will leave them feeling refreshed, energised and uplifted."



"I loved the overall quality of the experience.  Thank you."



"I was surprised at my reading it was accurate for my current concerns."



"Good fun...great aromas....Thanks for a good night."



"Fantastic, a great step to move forward on my life’s journey...THANK YOU!!."



"Very insightful and was a fantastic night and great insights."



"I was happy to see the readings for my friends as I could relate to their cards."






"Great!  Very informative."

Sara Arnell


"I really enjoyed it.  I will start working on myself.  It made complete sense.  Thank you for the opportunity to learn."

Husna Pasha


"Very informative."

Manuela Picnich


"Beautiful essences can see the value in them helping people.....on many different levels."



"An excellent experience that interesting time."



“Fun, essences smell beautiful.”



“I really enjoyed it!! I liked Christine’s choice of words – easy to understand and to the point.”



“was not rushed or pushy in selling. I was not understanding exactly what the idea of the get together was, my expectations were more than fulfilled.”



“loved it, informative and interactive."



“A lot of fun, very enjoyable and great to do in a friendly environment .... really enjoyed it, great work and loved your comments and insight”




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