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INNER INSIGHT Mastery Readings Testimonials

"The reading and essences are already making a difference. I have had a crushing headache all day until I came home and sprayed the LIFE FORCE Mastery Essence. Almost instantly my headache disappeared


Rebecca Quinn


"The “Spontaneous” and In-depth Readings are invaluable for specific issues.  They offer the depth, assurance and guidance I need.  They are not “too fluffy” or “airy fairy” and provide real inner growth for me in my life."  


L. Hill (Astrologer, Healesville, Melb, Aust)


"They get straight to the heart of the matter giving me the truthful and honest reading as to what needs to be shifted within for me to achieve greater fulfilment."

K. Delios (Crystal Therapy, Kew, Melb, Aust)


"Thank you for coming into my life with the Australian Aromatic Essence it’s funny how things come in when you most need them. I have been using the sprays for at least 2 years now, they work so magic and well there is something special about them.  They add balance and I feel more centred when I use them! "I love how I can have a reading over the phone, and without you even needing to know “how I am or what is going on” what comes up seems to be exactly what is happening for me at that time, it’s like you give answers to questions and gain understanding of where I’m at without even knowing what they are." 

Terry-Lyn(Business Coach & Trainer)


"I did the reading online and I got YIN from the SOUL Mastery Range.  I use it as directed every day along with the affirmation.  After about a week I attended a 40th Birthday party.  I felt fabulous and I was at my best.  I was positive and motivated in all my interactions.  People commented that I was glowing and to keep doing whatever I was doing because it was working.  I felt such great energy around me and a sense of total acceptance within myself which was very comforting.  I plan to keep using the Mastery Essences.  I definitely believe they have really helped me and I can’t wait to see what magic I get from the next one." 


Julie (Mum and Admin Assistant)


"I was at a business seminar when I first met Christine and found out about her Australian Aromatic Essences. It was a fantastic chance meeting that has given me a great gift that I'll never be able to thank her enough for.   Yesterday, the last day of the seminar whilst people were milling around before heading home, Christine asked if I'd like to experience an Inner Insight Mastery Reading with her. Feeling a little uncertain but curious I accepted. She gave me some cards to shuffle through and lay out in front of me. Then she asked me to randomly select a card from the pile I was holding. What came next was the most accurate diagnosis of my inner turmoil I've ever encountered. Christine was able to tell me in her gentle manner what was troubling me, how I was creating the problem in my life and what I needed to focus to resolve it.   I've worked with coaches and counsellors in the past and found that when we started getting close to the really emotional stuff that I could easily sidetrack or wiggle my way out of talking about it.    With Christine I was able to get straight to it, recognise it and then with her beautiful Australian Aromatic Essence get a sense of being OK.  This morning I've woken up feeling amazing. I've woken up with a deeper understanding that has given me a level of confidence I've never experienced before. Thank you so much for what you helped me."


Indra (Web Developer and IT specialist)


"I have them by my bed each night and pick one before sleep, to uncover what it is that I need to know. Their messages often reflect back to me my intuitive knowing of what is happening, which is very affirming and empowering, and at other times it reveals the deeper core of what I need, which is incredibly insightful and supportive for me.  I can then rest easy and know what is going on for me at a deeper level."


Pauline Fox (Administrator)


"Thank you for sending the cards last time too, as I have them by my bed each night and pick one before sleep, so what is it I need to know, they give insight and intuitiveness of what is happening, and often what comes up in the cards is sometimes the spray I have at the time."




"I just wanted to say thankyou sooo sooo much for my beautiful reading you gave me for the simple natural therapies in Donvale 5th birthday. I  loveeeeeeeee my spray SANCTUARY Mastery Essence. I haven't felt so happy relaxed and I stopped worrying all the time now :) it feels like a weight is off myself and my son :)and I put some on my beautiful 7 year old son too and he feels the same too :)the house is soooooo much more relaxed feeling." 

Emilie Branenburg


"So again, thanks for reading the ‘thing’ to my life that helps me be more balanced and having the essences helps move through things without difficulty."

Terry-Lyn (Business Coach & Trainer)


"Every morning, I choose an Oracle Insight Card for inspiration and support to guide me through my day. The accuracy of the Intention Phrase never ceases to amaze me and how it is reinforced by the issues and/or challenges that I face during the course of the day."




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