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Practitioner & Retail Outlets

"I have used a number of the exceptional AUSTRALIAN Aromatic Essences over the last few months and have experienced marked shifts in the issue each time, usually marked by a vivid dream within 48 hours of starting them. Of course I finish the full bottle too as recommended to achieve excellent results. I highly recommend these as being very high vibrational tools for self-healing."

"I own a retail store and Natural Health Clinic which stocks the Australian Aromatic Essences. We have the full range of testers. When any of our staff, clients or customers are feeling upset or are struggling with an issue the first thing we do is reach for an essence. Time and time again we have sprayed a customer and told them a little about the essence and an hour or so later they come back to the store saying they can't believe how much better they feel and they purchase the spray. These gorgeous and powerful products easily sell themselves. We also use the essences on a daily basis to keep the energy in the shop and clinic clear and light. If business is quiet we spray Abundance and customers soon walk in the door. We love the magic these sprays create."


Alison Burton (Simply Natural)


"I manage a Retail Outlet that sells lots of unique and eco friendly products and the AUSTRALIAN Aromatic Essences are a wonderful adjunct to the range and our customers love using them. I enjoy offering the 3 Card Core Issue INNER INSIGHT Mastery Reading as it is quick and easy and gets to the heart of the issue for the customer instantly. I am always amazed how accurate it is and how it helps the customer understand what is going on and what they can do about it. They really appreciate discovering the perfect Mastery Essence for themselves and know that they can now clear the core block and enhance and support their life’s journey for long term results over the next few weeks.”

Julie (Retail Shop Manager & Mum)


"I have found that the essences give me the courage to make major decisions in ways that expand my growth and my lifestyle.  The essences are particularly helpful in dealing with anxiety. They have a calming effect that allows me to settle down and see more clearly into a situation that is troubling me.  As an astrologer, I use them before a consultation to help me to be clear, and I also recommend them to clients if a blockage or anxiety comes up during the reading.  It is rewarding to be able to give my clients a proven tool that will assist them in handling their challenges."


Lyrane (Astrologer & Teacher)

"The Australian Aromatic Essences are a wonder to behold. After a while, you realise how powerful the subtle changes to your life and yourself are and one day you realise there really is a new you!"

Raeleen (Hypnotherapist Practitioner)


"I have been using the Australian Aromatic Essence sprays for a few years now. At the moment I am using INTUITION Mastery Essence. I have really noticed my positive thoughts and affirmations are much easier for me and how they are directly affecting my life almost immediately. Good things seem to feel as though they are flowing to me. It is easier for me to let go of stuff from the past and not get wound up in things that would at times, get me down. This really allows me to trust the path I am on with confidence and support. I endeavour to enjoy a balanced life involving all the things that make me feel good - like yoga, beautiful friends, loving the work that I do as a Naturopath and Bowen Therapist, meditation, walking my dog. I feel that using the essence sprays really lifts my vibration and helps me to shift old ways of thinking and doing things – this allows me to enjoy the life I want to live. They help me to realise I can manifest what I want! The essences are a powerful tool and I feel so lucky and fortunate to know about them and have them accelerate my journey. I feel they help my work, my relationships, my confidence and the connection I have with myself. They smell unbelievably beautiful and taking a couple of minutes for myself to enjoy them everyday allows me to feel more grounded, connected and full of gratitude; always a good place to come from and be in!!"

Carolyn Hall (Naturopath & Bowen Therapist)


"I am a Retail Outlet owner and have worked in the Personal / Spiritual Development for over 30 years. I have used many tools for my own growth and for my customers and clients. The AUSTRALIAN Aromatic Essences are a powerful and empowering DIY Personal Growth tool that fills the gap for many on their inner journey of development. Often various tools available do not have the depth or level of quality required to really take a person beyond their issues. However I have found the AAE products and services provide amazing accuracy for our customers and clients. The depth and potency of the formulations are truly amazing. They never let me down, which gives me a great sense of fulfilment when I integrate them into my work and introduce them to people. I love receiving the positive feedback and life changing scenarios that play out when they use them. I would recommend these tools to anyone who wants to let go of their issues once and for all and/or who wants to work with an exceptional product professionally within the industry that really works."

Jane (Retail Outlet Owner, Grandmother & Psychic Tarot and Numerology Reader)


"I have really enjoyed using the essences in my business as they help personalise each individual's treatment and help me connect to my clients quickly. I always start with the Sanctuary essence both on my client and myself as this grounds you quickly and prepares the client for their treatment.

How often have you witnessed frazzled clients rush through your doors attempting to settle in their space and be open to what you have to offer them and thought to yourself "how am I going to get through to this client"? Sanctuary essence will become your greatest “un-locker”!

I have also found without doubt that the AAE help strengthen my energy field so I'm protected from my daily interactions with clients and this allows me to retain my own personal energy. I find that using the essences on my clients has ensured their treatment experience is extra special and I see all my clients float out of my work space relaxed and rebooking for more!!!"


"AAE offers you an extra opportunity for passive income and the ability to retain regular clientele as each essence lasts between 1-4 months before a new one may be required. In my business, I pride myself on only working with the best products available. These are unique and beautiful and if u enjoy working with products created with only the highest quality and integrity you will immediately be drawn to AAE - that I can guarantee!”

Marnie McGaffin (Assoc Dip in Health Science – Beauty Therapist – Business Owner)


" My mum received an Inner Insight Mastery Reading after a consultation with her Naturopath who advised that her Yin and Yang was out of balance...she was amazed and impressed to find that the reading revealed the YIN and YANG Aromatic Essence were the exact aromatic essences that were a priority for her to use....this was very affirming and validating for her, so she was of course keen to use them to enhance and support or psycho-physical wellbeing and treatment with her naturopath...thank you."



"In my role as a massage therapist I have been using SANCTUARY Mastery Essence in my treatment rooms and have found that I don’t get tired after giving daily treatments. Whereas some of my colleagues do find their energy levels drop after a long day. I find the essences help clear the energy in the room, helping my work and enhance the benefits of the massage treatment for my clients. I also use specific essences for certain clients and find the alignment of the essence to the client’s mind state prior to treatment is incredibly accurate."


Leah Baker (Reiki & Massage Therapist)


"I have been involved in the natural healing and personal growth industry for over 25 years, as a practitioner and client, and I have never come across any natural remedies that have been able to facilitate such profound positive change in a person as do the Australia Aromatic Essences. The personal changes in many of my clients (and in myself) on a physical, emotional and spiritual level have been nothing short of miraculous."

Mark (Naturopath, Iridologist, Homeopath)


"During an energy balance I wasn't able to get permission to proceed with the healing, I tested up the client required HOMEWARD Aromatic Essence...for sabotage etc......., I sprayed 3 times and tested up again permission to proceed and yes was given in the muscle test......mid way through the balance we pin pointed some core this time the clients body was physically jumping each time the indicator muscle changed....again I wasn't able to test up further and dig deeper.....tested up the essences again ALCHEMY Aromatic Essence for transformation and breakthrough.....this took the balance to a whole new level and from the client afterwards was that she knew her energy was trying to control the balance and even said to me that I could have finished the balance at two stages during the balance and thanked me for persevering and facilitating the process to go deeper...... without the essences the client would have gained benefit from the balance...more on a surface level but not to the degree, depth, clarity and insight we were able to get to from using the essences."




"Geopathic Stress (GS) and Electro-Magnetic Radiation (EMR) depletes a human’s Bio-field (ie energy Body intelligence or personal magnetic field) when subjected to them in concentrated doses such as in shopping centres and industrial buildings.  This can also happen in your own home and even in your own bedroom as you sleep.  Your resistance is much lower during sleep because your nervous system is in a different state, therefore you do not have the same defences as when you are fully awake and alert.  Daily application of the Australian Aromatic Essences SANCTUARY Aromatic Essence and/or LIFE-FORCE Aromatic Essence from their MINDSET Range helps your Bio-field to resist the damaging affect from these etheric and earth bound life depleting energies. These specific aromatic essences can clear this energy from a person’s Bio-field, while also strengthening it, so it is more resilient and resistant to these untoward energies.  These aromatic essences also assist in clearing energy blockages that may make a person more susceptible to absorbing these negative energies, and at times be more inclined to attract these energies to their aura.  When using SANCTUARY and LIFEFORCE Aromatic Essence it can help a person to be able to cope with these energies, so they don’t experience symptoms such as feeling drained, headaches and fatigue, which is a common complaint for people who are over loaded with or sensitive to GS or EMR.  Children can also react to GS and/or EMR energy with behavioural difficulties and hyperactivity."

Professional Geopathic Stress Advisor


"Tests have shown SANCTUARY and LIFEFORCE Aromatic Essence are naturally ‘life giving’, with Bovis Readings of Bu 40,000, which is natural nourishment to the human Bio-field”....An average value for a healthy abode and for a healthy person is 6,500 Bovis units. Values below 6,500 Bovis units indicate a qualitative energetic deficiency. Values above 6,500 Bovis units indicate a higher quality. It is important to note that it is advisable to use an appropriate Orgone Pendant or similar to protect you continuously with GS and EMR; however the abovementioned Australian Aromatic Essences will support its effectiveness, while also assisting you in other areas of your transformational process and wellbeing. Refer to the SANCTUARY and LIFEFORCE profiles for more detailed information. Note: SANCTUARY’S formula has been known to calm and relax and LIFE-FORCE to uplift and energise, it’s therefore advisable to use them at the appropriate time in your daily schedule."


Professional Geopathic Stress Dowser

"I feel very different around certain things in my life. The doubt around stuff has shifted. I am not in my head so much and have a sense of clarity. I had a dream where I released deep grief which has been blocked for a very long time and relevant to the Homeward Aromatic Essence I have been using. Originally I was feeling despondent, tired and I had lost direction, since using the aromatic essence over the last few days I am now living and feeling clearer, uplifted and better in myself.”

Rajani (Psychotherapist)






"I have a shop that caters for the Personal / Spiritual Development Arena and I am also a qualified Kinesiologist who has run a practice for many years.  I came across the AUSTRALIAN Aromatic Essences at a clinic I was working at.  Christine did a presentation there and I instantly knew this is what I had been looking for to complement my kinesiology work as well as stocking them in my new shop as a DIY tool for my customers." 

Vicky Bairamidis, Kinesiologist, Reiki


“We are going great with the sprays and the ladies from the workshop come in and say how great it was and the positive results they are seeing."

Energy Creations Balwyn Melbourne


"My energy levels are where they have never been before. I think more clearly each day and don't sweat the small stuff that I once entertained frequently. For anyone that is interested in being the best person they can be then these products are for you. These are part of my daily staples."


Michelle Mayur (The Healer for Healers)


"I came across the AUSTRALIAN Aromatic Essences at a Natural Therapies Expo and I was intrigued by the INNER INSIGHT Mastery Reading I received and the high frequency essences that were used during the reading.  I am very sensitive and in-tune with energy and practice Kinesiology which gives me the ability to accurately test up the quality of any given product, service or energy that I am exposed to.  The AAE Mastery Essences truly impressed me.  So much so I now use them extensively in my large Natural Therapies practice in Malaysia.  My staff report amazing results and benefits when using these potent formulas.  We receive wonderful feedback from our clients.  I plan to use more of them over time and introduce the other concentrated ranges so my staff can provide a comprehensive therapy to our extensive clientele." 

Michelle Lim (Natural Therapies Centre & Kinesiology, Malaysia)



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