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"My Husband and I used the essences for a short period of time spraying mainly in the morning. We both discovered an overwhelming sense of peace while they were being sprayed which continued for the remainder of the day. I would highly recommend them."


John and Tricia Goodfellow


"To date we have used two bottles of the PERSONAL SIGNATURE Essence. The first bottle was during a time of creating and designing our new home to build which involved demolishing our existing home...lots to think about and agree upon. I must say that this wasn't a stressful time and nor was it daunting. We felt that we could both express our ideas and values that we wanted and worked together to create our new home. I attribute this towards working with the formulation.  I've heard other people mentioned that moving house, demolishing and building can be up there on the stress radar.  This wasn't the case for us.  The second bottle was used during a  time when our new home was completed, we moved in and got flooded 7 weeks later causing us to need to move out while it got renovated. Again, I can report that using the formulation assisted us to work through insurance negotiations, finding a rental property and finding creative solutions together as to how to flood proof the home moving forward among other decisions. I can report no niggly conversations, overwhelm or stress during this time that wasn't a normal level of how you would feel going through something unexpected and a bit of an inconvenience. We certainly didn't feel like victims and could see a funny side amongst the disruption to us enjoying living in our brand new home. Yes, it  was a little frustrating having to move again - the third house move in 15 months but it didn't affect the way we related with one another and nor did we take it out on each other."


Hayley and Andy


"For my son’s 1st birthday I wanted to get him a special gift, so I chose to get him his very own PERSONAL SIGNATURE Essence.  Luca always loved to receive hugs and kisses but was not really one for giving them out. After a few weeks on the essence I noticed that he was much more affectionate &  started hugging and kissing us throughout the day. As he is approaching his 2nd birthday, this is now a part of his personality. I now realise that the signature essence provided gifts not just to Luca but also to those he loves." 




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